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Places to eat In Lucknow

My recent visit to City of Nawabs proved to be an excellent culinary experience. This time I finally went to the core areas of the city to explore the foodies delight and I must say, I have no regrets what so ever.

People relate Lucknowi food to Mughlai a lot but I found a lot of difference in the cuisines. The curries, marinations, breads, all were way different then what we know as Mughlai food in Delhi. I am sorry if you find a lot of comparison driven statements, but that is not exactly correct . The Awadhi cuisine proved to be more soulful than what I thought it to be. I am sharing my experience of some classic and must visit places in Lucknow which I covered in my recent visit.

1.  Idrees,  Chowk

Idrees is one of the oldest places here and they are popular for their Biryani. They also serve Muttton Korma and Nihari. They have not been able to evolve themselves as classic places like Karim’s in Delhi, but they have managed air conditioned seating now. The Biryani was amazingly flavorful. It looked very bland but the fantastic aroma coming out from it said it all. The Korma here is a very thin gravy and very different to what we get in Delhi. The food is amazingly priced and is 200% value for money.

2. Raheem Hotel, Akbari Gate

Raheem Hotel and Idrees have been here for a similar period. Raheem Hotel also has a small air conditioned area, which can be accessed using a very small a creepy staircase. But I didn’t mind that. We ordered for a Roast Chicken, Biryani, Mutton Korma and Kulcha. The Roast Chicken is an open air  Bar be qued Chicken, a lot like tandoori, but it is a little drier than the Tandoori chicken. The reason for this is that the regular Tandoori chicken is cooked in a closed tandoor whereas here the chicken is  roasted on a Bar be Que, which lets the juices of chicken evaporate a bit, but adds to the flavors. It is also very less on butter having very smokey flavor and perfectly spiced and marinated. The korma was somewhat same as Idrees. The best part were the Kulchas. The Kulchas were amazing and quite flaky and exceptional. Complimented the korma very well. I must admit that I will have the Korma just to have these Kulchas again and again. A must must visit place.


3. Tunday Kebabi, Aminabad and Several other locations

Tunday undoubtedly is the most popular amongst all the classic places. They also have a franchise system. I went to two outlets, one at Aminabad and the other in Aliganj.The Aminabad one is the first outlet and it serves some lipsmacking Galouti Kebabs. The famous Galoutis arecjust melt in  mouth and we relished them totally. They also do some extremely sumptuous Boti Kebabs. Biryani here is just okay.

4. Mubeen Hotel, Akbari Gate

Mubeen Hotel and Tunday Kebabi are the oldest places here. Mubeen hotel has exactly the same menu as Raheem hotel and is right next to it. They have a much better and bigger sitting area though. The food experience here was a tad lower then what we had in Raheem Hotel, But it won’t make you regret at all. The Kuchas of Raheem hotel were better and so was the Roast chicken. Idrees was the winner if I just talk about the Biryani.

5. Dastarkhwan, Hazratganj

Dastarkhwan at Hazratganj serves some superb Boti Kebab and Galoutis. Their Galouti was even better than Tunday. The Boti Kebab had super soft boneless mutton pieces and we had it as starter and main course as well. All these places just can’t go wrong with the Roast Chicken. They also do some amazing Changezi Chicken too.


6.       Royal Café, Hazratganj.

Lucknow people love chaats like anything. There are a lot places here who serve some amazing chaats. But Royal Café is a must visit destination We just can’t miss it. The flavors, crispness and spice level, everything is just perfect here. They are very popular for their Tokri Chaat.

Author – Prashant Singh

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