Censor board India Vs Bollywood

CBFC  ( censor board India )has been in limelight for their acts in many occasions now. Anurag Kashyap was the latest target with his already Super Popular flick Udta Punjab. However Anurag Kashyap managed to win in High Court and now Udta Punjab will be released with just one cut. Some great news for the team. This has not been the first case that CBFC didn’t care about anything before chopping the movies. There have been many such cases. Following are some of the prominent movies who had hard times with the CBFC and other governing bodies. Masterpieces like Aandhi had to face these issues too.


1. Bandit Queen- Shekhar Kapoor directed flick faced a lot of jolts by the organization. The movie was on life of Phoolan Devi and was banned as it had some explicit content and it didn’t go well the CBFC. It was released later and won several awards. But yes, the creativity and reality of the script were taken for a toss.


2. Black Friday – Anurag Kashyap is actually a “Blue Eyed Boy”. This was another flick which had hard times with them. The movie’s release was delayed by the High Court this time as the plot was based on Bombay blasts case. Following the orders of The movie was released after the trials were over.


3. Sins – This was another movie on a very sensitive issue. Revolving around an explicit relation between a married women and a priest, the movie’s plot was highly controversial. This led to a lot of cutting and chopping of the screenplay before the release.

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4. Water – This Deepa Mehta movie was on I’ll treatment of Hindu widows. The topic and the plot was not accepted by the board and the society as well. There set was also broken. The movie was finally made with an all new Star cast and was shot in Sri Lanka. Please don’t guess the script writer, he is Mr. Anurag Kashyap.


5. Kamasutra – A tale of love This was another Deepa Mehta movie which went through the scissor of censor board. The movie had a lot of erotic scenes hence had to face the scenario.

Story by – Prashant Singh

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