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Foodies in Delhi love options and this is the reason we have seen so many Multi –cuisine restaurants flourish. Usually they are a mix of Italian, Chinese and North Indian food. The latest trend in food is exploring regional cuisine, whether it is Bhawan or standalone restaurants. But there is a place where you can have specialized regional cuisine. Culture gully at Kingdom of dreams is one such astonishing example. Here are the 10 amazing facts about Culture of Gully


Lucknow – Kingdom of Dreams


  1. 250 Dishes from across India to choose from. You can have Awadhi food in lucknow or taste the authentic Rajasthani food.
  2. It has a ISO 22000:2005 certificate which ensures quality every single time.
  3. They use only Pure Desi Ghee which is sourced from a Local Village. 13308685_1265866736775145_2446817378937327848_o
  4. The people who cook the food are not  Degree holders but people who have been living and cooking the regional food.
  5. No MSG or anything which has MSG is used. Even the chicken Broth is not allowed. DSC_0362
  6. Everything is made fresh and no artificial flavors, enhancers or pure are used. Everything starts from scratch. 13268222_1265866863441799_377176872028165430_o
  7. They don’t have microwaves. The Biryani which is made in a huge vessel are kept at a constant temperature.
  8. They have an In-house bakery which makes everything fresh. The pao for vada pao are made every 4 hours during operations. 13301303_1265866830108469_5482517202491762221_o
  9. All the ingredients are sourced locally from the Region for that particular cuisine.
  10. They have a total of 140 chefs who follow strict Hygienic practices to ensure good food. They have to change their gloves every 30 min.


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