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It the grand

IT  The Grand is a speciality Italian Restaurant. Located at the lobby level, the interiors are influenced by European architecture. The Restaurant is divided into 3 parts, the main dining area bay, small dining area opposite live kitchen and the Al fresco. The flooring is made from chips and designed beautifully. The main bay has LED candles flowing one end to another. Coming to food Executive chef Nilesh Dey took care of the food. We didn’t even bother to look at the menu as we knew we were in good hands. If you look at the menu it would remind you of La Piazza.

The restaurants has a serious reputation when it comes to Authentic Pizzas and Pastas. That too without any Italian chef, this would surprise a few. There are only few chefs who can master more than one cuisine and Nilesh is one of them. He has taken to Rustic food of IT and plated it beautiful. Now that’s a Bold statement We started our meal with Tom caperese which is a classic combination of Mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Something will always remain the favorite and this combination is one of them. Artichoke Ricolla salad and frankly speaking I am not a big fan of Artichoke. This was a confit version and to my surprise, I liked it. The stem and the entire vegetable tasted different (recommended Dish).Next was a beautiful platter of Gnocchi which consisted of Spinach , Pumpkin and chicken in a four cream sauce. The spinach and pumpkin taste outstanding while the chicken one taste more like a sausage.

Lumaconi pasta di gamberi e verdurine (Dual flavors large shell pasta stuffed) one stuffed with Lamb Bolognese sauce, it was beautiful as it had balance flavors of lamb and tomatoes both. Usually in most of the Bolognese available here, one flavor over pars the other. The other one was Alfredo sauce with sautéed vegetables. The saffron Risotto was a simple and elegantly executed dish. I always believe if you follow the basics right in Italian cooking , you don’t have to worry about anything else. Next we had slow cooked lamb shanks and chops. Both of the premium cuts were cooked to perfection. Every cut takes a different time and temperature due to density and fat present in it and these were perfect to the core.



To end the meal Chef had created a special platter and it was beautifully plated. Trio of Dessert- Blueberry cheesecake, Tiramisu and Panna cotta. The Tiramisu stood out really well from rest of the platter, they were not bad but these two were exceptional.

A meal for 2 with a glass of wine – Rs 5000 or $ 73

A Meal for 2 – Rs 3500 or $52

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