Pirates of Grill – Mall of India / Noida


Pirates of Grill is a buffet concept which provides true value for money. The service and quality is never compromised and customers always feel the joy of dinning. Started from Rajourie Garden in West Delhi the concept showed potential. Though it took them more than an year to breakeven, now it’s a most dinned in place in West Delhi. Rather than following the latest trend of franchise and venture capital, they choose to fund their Project with their own capital. This meant slow expansion as margins in Buffet format are not that high. But it ensured a brand image which stood the test of times. 7 years and counting, there are not many brands which have the same value as POG.


POG opened its 3rd Restaurant in DLF, Mall of India. The interiors are enhanced and nicely designed. Grills are fresh and hot. Usually the grills which are pre- plated get cold within 5 min and this could be a major spoiler if you are having drinks. The slow heat from the grill helps to keep the grilled veg and non veg kebabs/tikka hot. Buffet is designed to cater to masses and you cannot like everything on the menu. There would be dishes you like , there would be dishes which would be fine and some not according to your taste. The non-veg grills were fantastic (did not try the vegetarian grills) specially mutton seekh & chicken tikka In the mains they got the favorite bang on flavors, the dal was really nice, the Mutton Rogan Josh was amazing, the mutton was cooked to perfection.The Briyani was good and had all the aromas we desire for. They do have many options in desserts but I liked their jalebi. Value for money place but expect a minimum 30 min wait on weekends.



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