Pizza express launches summer menu for 2016

Summers have arrived and it has been super hot since day one. To keep yourself fit in this scorching heat we definitely need to take care of what we eat as well, specially when we are eating out. Pizza Express is here to offer their patrons with an all new “Summer Special menu”. The menu here has their famous and much awaited ‘Hawaiian pizza’ as well. When we say HAWAI , the first thing that comes to our mind is ‘Pineapples, Ham etc and yes they have come up with a special creation in their pizzas which does have “Pineapple Chutney ” making it typical Hawaiian in taste. Pizza Express definitely serves one of the best Pizzas and they are my personal favorite too in Pizza making. The Pizza base is made in a very simple procedure which can be seen easily through their live Kitchen. The simplicity of the food is the best part with Pizza Express. But simultaneously they are also very particular about their recipes and ingredients. For instance they get their Pizza Sauce specially imported from Italy. The reason is that they use a particular kind of tomato for their Sauce known as “San Marzano”.

They just don’t compromise on their Sauce at all as that is one of the key ingredient of their product. The next is the flour and cheese. Both of these ingredients are made according to their specifications. According to the head Pizzallio here, they keep a strict check on the vendors. No wonder that is the reason that they are so consistent with their product. Coming to the Summer menu:- I started with a Mango based Mocktail, Mango Fresca. It was a little spicy and was having raw Mango base. For me there should have been a little more of raw Mango flavour to make it a perfect one. The next Mocktail I tried was Molto Berry and it was brilliant having nice blend of Berries. Presentation was also bang on. The special menu has only one starter i.e. Lamb Polpette. They are basically Lamb Meat balls with Red wine infused to the mince lamb. The Lamb balls were extremely soft and sumptuous. They were topped with a tangy Pomodoro sauce and fresh basil. Now came the first Pizza of the evening, Gambero. This was a Pizza with Prawns marinated in Indian spices. The Pizza sauce used for this Pizza was not tomato sauce, they used Coriander Pesto instead. The Coriander definitely worked for this preparation. They also sprinkle a little Chat Masala to give it a little more Indian Taste. The only negative part about the Pizza was the quantity of Prawns. May be the quantity was fine but the cut size was too big. Because of this the Pizza had a couple of slices without a single Prawn. The second Pizza was Lamb Polpette. This Pizza had the same Lamb Meat balls as the starter. The Pizza tasted good with the addition of some yogurt on the top giving extra flavour, but the problem of toppings was still there. Again there were a couple of slices without meat balls. This is some thing that needs attention. They just need to check on the cut size of the Prawns and Meat balls on the Pizzas. The third was the famous Hawaiian “Pizza Express” Pizza. This also doesn’t have a tomato sauce as a Pizza Sauce.

Bachemal had taken it’s place here. The Pizza is topped with Speck Ham and Onions with a little drops of Pineapple Chutney, giving the Pizza a perfect blend of tangy and sweet flavours. The toppings of the Pizza were perfectly spread all over and I had no complaints what so ever. The Pizza was just brilliant in flavours and excellent in presentation. The fourth Pizza of the menu was Pollo Cajun Pizza which had Cajun spiced Pizza Sauce along with Cajun marinated Chicken and Sun dried tomatoes.


The Pizza was also topped with Emilgrana Cheese(Veg Parmesan) along with the Cow milk Mozzarella to give it extra flavours. This Pizza was also generously topped. The last dish from the summers menu was Linguine Cajun Gambero Pasta. This Pasta was a heavy portion with big Prawn pieces and rich creamy Pasta Sauce. Now was the turn of my favourite course of the meal, Desserts. We had their Philadelphia Cheese cake and Banoffie Pie. The Cheese cake is probably the best Cheese cake I have ever had. Banoffie was also fine, but the Cheese cake was out of the world. To sum it all the Summer special menu is a good offering for the Non Vegetarians. You heard me right, the menu doesn’t offer even a single dish to the Vegetarians. In my opinion it is a blunder, keeping Indian customers in mind. Being a hardcore non vegetarian I had no regrets though. But I could just suggest now and I did the same. All the best to the Pizza Express Team. Cheers.

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