Niche Table for Niche food – Hosted by Mystic Foodie Mantra –

Bloggers table, if you are a blogger you must have attended a bloggers table in some point of your blogging career. We at Hmm! had organized a few just to realize that the focus was not on food, but on socializing. Maneesh from came up with an idea to call up only 6 bloggers to do a cocktail paired food tasting at the upmarket Niche in CP. There were five dishes and one dessert on the menu. Niche is famous for doing progressive Indian cuisine and each dish had so much knowledge.

Umesh Kapoor from Zion Hospitality consultants is the person responsible for the food at Niche. As we began with our first course :   Pulled kathal tacos ( jackfruit) was nicely done with crispy hard shell tacos, but was a little too sweet. A little acidity would have helped balance the flavor. Pulled jackfruit first came to the commercial dining scene with Indian accent, and since then many people have tried their version.


57 degree duck breast – Breast is a cut which has least fat and hence it dries up most of the times and it requires an expert cook to make a perfect breast. Suvi cooking is a method of sealing in all the ingredients in a plastic bag and cooking it in boiling water, at a controlled temperature and as the name suggests it was cooked at 57 degree for 6 hours. It was served with Gooseberry coulis and salad. The duck was tender and delicious.

DSC_0138 (2)

Beetroot  and goat cheese salad – This salad was such a beauty to just look at !They have done different textures of Beetroot and it tastes nice if you like beetroot.

Hari Saag –  Makki ki Roti and sarso ka saag is a must have dish in winters for every Punjabi family. Niche has taken this dish to a  fine dine level. This is how a porch restaurant serves it. Finely blended saag with polenta crusted fried yoghurt balls. Served  along with corn bread and jaggery  chips. I would have preferred  a different kind of bread with this, something which is a little moist and can wipe out the whole saag out of the bowl.

DSC_0207 (2)

Lamb Shank – Rogan josh – I have not tasted a perfectly cooked lamb shank in Delhi ever. Maybe I have still not found the place but this version has somewhat satisfied my need for soft tender meat from this beautiful cut. Cooked in Indian spices in suvi for more than 22 hours.  This dish was right on every part texture , taste and balance.

DSC_0218 (2)

Baked cheese cake with berry sorbet –  We  finished our meal with a baked cheese cake which, according to me was a little dry , the berry sorbet was brilliantly done and I can easy have a whole tub of this.

DSC_0231 (2)

Moving the focus out of the food , the point of doing a Focus Group style tables is very helpful for the bloggers to understand food , discuss the cooking process , give their feedback. There is a lot which a restaurant and bloggers can take from such  tables. Maneesh has done a splendid job playing a host!

Coming soon from Niche – More food and about their luxurious drinks

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