Sattviko Premium Dining in Jaipur is an Indian Accent without meat, onion and garlic and still fun

Story Behind Sattviko Premium Dinning



Parsoon Gupta


Prasoon Gupta and Ankush Sharma who have completed their engineering from the prestigious IIT got driven by their passion towards food and Indian culture. Instead of taking a fancy job at a Multi-National company they pursued their passion. For several months they researched about all the aspects of Ayurveda and its benefits. They wanted to open up a Healthy eating joint with the benefit of Ayurveda. They started with a QSR format across several stores in Delhi

What is Sattvik food ?

As per ancient Ayurvedic philosophy, food is categorised according to its character and effect on the body and mind. The categories are called the 3 Gunas, i.e Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic

  • Sattvic is derived from the word ‘Sattva’ which means “pure, vital, conscious, strong, true, honest, wise and clean”. Sattvic food consists of freshly cooked produce that is light, tasty and nourishing for the body. Sattvic dishes mainly use non-pungent lacto-vegetarian ingredients that are fresh, seasonal and naturally sourced (unprocessed).
  • Rajasic is derived from the word ‘Rajas’ which means “passionate, active, aggressive and excitable”. Rajasic food is fresh and nutritious, but very heavy in consistency, oil and masala. Rajasic dishes mainly consist of eggs, white meat, alcohol, hot spices and pungent vegetables like onion and garlic, etc.
  • Tamasic is derived from the word Tamas’ which means “lethargic, lazy and sluggish”. Tamasic food mainly consist of red meat and food that is old and stale, or foods that contain artificial preservatives.

The first few outlets were in QSR format which they soon realized that thin margins and was more of a store number game. The concept of healthy eating and specially taking up vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is a growing concept in west but it will take a lot of time to make a major impact in Delhi. With this they started re-structuring their format to casual dining which meant the dishes with Ayurveda benefit need to look beautiful , should have layers of flavors and should be modern for the young generation. At this point Bhakti Arora came as their corporate chef who herself is a vegetarian and practicing sattvik food for over a decade. For cooking sattvik or vegetarian food it was quite difficult for them to find a chef as most of the chefs are Non vegetarians and it’s hard to cook good veg food if you are not passionate about it

When I visited their outlet I found it very pleasing and subtle with Indian Influence. I reached their outlet around 11 and had full day to explore their menu. The presentation, the debt in flavors and concept seems to be struck bang on target. The all-time favorite nachos with Indian twist was nicely done. The best fusion was Masala Khichdi cones among starters which was very nicely cooked khichdi in cones topped with yogurt. The Rajma chawal Arancini balls could have not gone wrong as it hit the taste buds quite well. The brown rice Briyani is a Rebellious dish as most of people who cook or love this dish don’t consider vegetarian version even as Briyani But it was very nicely executed and I would love to make the same in my kitchen and this would go a long way. Burger A LA pind seemed a really confusing name and simple to look at dish but when I took the first bite the texture and flavors bursted in my mouth. The patty was made from white chick peas and this was the best chick peas burger which was perfectly executed.

In Desserts Malaidar gajar halwa tart seems a very sweet dessert. The dish had a tart with halwa, cream and a small gulab jamun. Usually what every Restaurant in Delhi get the sweetness wrong in a complex dessert as they don’t adjust the level of sweetness and it ends up on a very high sweet note. The Dessert was very well balanced and tasted beautiful. Next and last thing I would recommend would be something particular to Rajasthan i.e. Rabdi Gevar Pastry which again was very nicely done


Over all the concept is really great and does have International potential.

Coming soon to a location near you in Delhi!

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