The Hudson cafe now Delivering yummy food!

We have reviewed The Hudson café ( Review )few months back and it has shown consistent performance when it comes to serving food and evolving their menu for the young audience. It has also been featured on our top 10 restaurants of 2015 by team Hmm!

Starting from March they have started delivery up to 4km from their outlet . we thought ordering few things to see if the same quality if also passed on in delivery. We ordered soups, wheat dimsums , pizza , pastas , Chinese main course. We were impressed by the packaging and the delivery time took less than 40 minutes to deliver. The food was still warm but the pizza was a little cold but they informed us same on the phone.

Food tips – never microwave a pizza use an air fryer or bread toaster

The wheat dim sum impressed us the most with nice sauce which was not your usual chilies in oil. The pizza was good to taste and pasta was very well made. The fried rice was neatly cooked and Hakka noodles also impressed us.


If you live in Ashok Vihar , Model town , Gujrawalan town or nearby do give them a call


Meal for 2 (delivery) – Rs 500

*plating of the food is done by the photographer

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