AL Jawahar – Your one stop joint in old Delhi for Good Food

AL Jawahar


The bylanes of Delhi 6 has been a foodie’s paradise for all Delhites since ages. I believe all of us will say that we have tasted each and everything available there, but deep inside we all know that we are yet to explore many untouched corners. Being an ardent fan of Karim’s, I was a little biased towards it, but unfortunately had some disastrous experience in my last two visits to Karim’s. So, now this time I wanted to go some other place. My friend suggested AL Jawahar.
I have been to AL Jawahar twice before and had an average experience. But with a positive mindset I chose AL Jawahar this time again.
I saw Chicken Changezi being prepared on tawa right at the entrance, my eyes got stuck on it and my main course option was decided here only. It didn’t take a lot of time to the order. Chicken Seekh Kebab, Mutton Seekh Kebab, Mutton Burrah Kebab and Fish fry were the starters. The seekh kebabs were extremely soft,  succulent. The chicken and mutton mince were superbly fine and was spiced perfectly. The Mutton Burrah was also cooked to the core and the marination was just too good. Chicken Burrah was also good but Mutton Burrah is Mutton Burrah, marvellous.
For the mains the table was flooded with gravies. We ordered Mutton Stew, Chicken Black pepper,  Chicken Changezi,  Chicken Jahangiri and Mutton Korma. Khameeri roti was the obvious choice in the breads. Chicken Black Pepper was just ok, something which didn’t deserve to be on the table. Mutton Korma was fairly good, Karim’s have better than  them. But,  but, the story is not over yet. As soon as I took the first morsel of the Mutton Stew, I had ‘Yummy’ written all over my taste buds. The gravy is a super combination of hours of slow cooking and majestic amalgamation of flavours. Beats Karim’s Hands-down. The next was Chicken Jahangiri. Wow, the flavours just blasted in my mouth and were soul satisfying. Last, but not the least was Chicken Changezi. A great tawa preparation which makes the chicken imbibes all the flavours and richness of the gravy. My personal favorite of the evening. It was so flavourful that it made a special place in my heart and desire to have it more lingered round me even after I was totally full.
The best part with AL Jawahar was the meat quality. We couldn’t find any flaw in that and I guarantee that if a restaurant opts for using this good quality of meat  there is no looking back for them for sure.
Wish them a Good Luck.

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