KASHMIRI FOOD FESTIVAL – Radisson Blu Kaushambi


Embarking upon a wonderful culinary journey, our tastebuds were delighted with exotic delicacies from Kashmir. Radisson Blu Kaushambi hosted a happening evening at Kama, their Indian specialty restaurant. Kashmiri food, which is indeed relished by a lot of people, is a perfect blend of intricate detailing and amalgamation of subtle flavors. These authentic delicacies at the festival were dished out by Mrs.Mohini Mattoo, a 76 years old grandmother, born and brought up in Ranawali district, Kashmir. Her warmth and humble nature definitely added to the whole experience!

The tabak maaz was just how it should be, juicy mutton pieces cooked in warm masalas with the added goodness of milk and saffron. Also, the paneer starter accompanying this was soft yet nothing extraordinary, though we liked the flavor of the mustard oil and the soft, subtle flavors. An added delight were the chutneys accompanying these starters, of which the garlic and radish chutney stood out the most.

For mains, try the kashmiri rajma and the traditional goshtaba, you will not stand disappointed. These were accompanied by breads, which however, were a let down since they were a little chewy and not warm enough. Our hearts go out to the Kashmiri pulao, which was balanced yet so flavorful. Since this pulao is traditionally cooked with dry fruits, they definitely added another dimension to the dish.

Ending our meal on a sweet note, we dig into the desserts. The subtle phirni was cooked well, and had a smooth texture. The simplicity of the shufta and the crunch shall stay with us for long. Till then, make sure you try the Wazwan at the Kashmir food festival that ends soon!


COST FOR 2 : Rs.3000

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