Amritsar is a district which lies in the state of Punjab and also known as Ramdaspur or colloquially known as Ambarsar too. When we talk about Amritsar two things which immediately comes in our mind are  firstly it is home to Harmandir Sahib also known as The Golden Temple and secondly its scrumptious cuisine which offers a lot in terms of variety and flavours. Amritsari cuisine is known for its rich buttery flavours along with an extensive vegetarian and meat dishes.
So, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi has done the effort by moving Amritsar to Delhi for us so that Delhites can also splurge themselves into this lovely, rich indulgence of Amritsari Cuisine by hosting ” A CULINARY JOURNEY through the  GRAND TRUNK ROAD ” whose first Pit stop is AMRITSAR.  Dilli 32, An Indian cuisine specialty restaurant  of the Hotel is the destination where this festival ” AMRITSAR ON A PLATTER ” is actually going on and the main brain behind it, is that of the Executive  Chef Rohit Tokhi and Chef de Cuisine,  Ashwini Kumar Singh. Specially for the festival Chef de Cuisine,  Ashwini has roamed himself in the bylanes of Amritsar  just to ensure that authenticity of the cuisine is brought exactly the way it exists and surely his all effort can be easily seen when we see the menu crafted for the festival. He has handpicked the dishes and prepared them traditionally so that not even a single note of flavor is missed.
The hotel has tried to bring the essence and feel of the Amritsar by creating a set up of the same in an open area, where we can see the long Dhaba section with seating theka (bar)section, a truck as a prop and infact the servers can also be seen  dressed up in traditional style. In short the whole aura speaks out loud its theme.

Coming to the food, a perfectly balanced Ala Carte menu is curated including veg and non veg both. We were invited there to attend the preview of the festival.  So firstly we were welcomed warmly and were served kanjee and Khasta roti as an amuse bouche. The crisp Khasta roti was topped with soya masala/ nutri masala which turned out as a  nice start with the refreshing kanjee. After that starters were served, in veg we had bhutteyan da kebab which were done nicely and were prepared in Tandoori seekh kebab style. Tikki Rajmah di was a preparation of kidney beans and spices and were like veg galouti,  completely melt in mouth. Multani paneer tikka and bharmey aloo potohari were good too.
In non veg starters, there was Machi Amritsari, Bhatti da murga pindiwala, Tandoori kukad,  Tandoori Mahi tikka and very famous Lawrence road de tawaye de Tikkey.  Each and every dish was prepared amazingly, it was really difficult to pick one top favorite amongst all. Still, Lawrence road de tawaye de Tikkey was made exactly the same way as it is there in Amritsar, the flavour of spices in combination with chicken was really making it delicious, Machi Amritsari was another lip smacking pick by the chef and Bhatti da Murga was undoubtedly again a superb preparation where it was cooked in typical traditional style.

In drinks we had bunta, jaljeera and kanjee, all of them were very refreshing.  They do have Lassi also.

In mains there was Langar di daal fry(divine in taste) , choley(perfectly cooked and spiced) traditionally prepared Kadhi pakode, Matter paneer ( nice home cooked style taste) Aloo te vadiyan and Sarso da saag both of them were again a full marks preparation. After a really long time I was actually relishing veg food equally like I enjoy non veg because as per my experience preparing an extremely delectable veg food is far difficult than cooking a non veg dish. So was really glad but that doesn’t mean there was no non veg. We had sumptuously prepared Special Chicken curry and Special mutton curry having rustic Punjabi taste. Magaz masala taka tin and Keema kaleji were the dishes which were done again beautifully. Magaz masala was having a nice amalgamation of the spices along with the Magaz which was cooked on slow fire, and Keema kaleji too turned out fabulous. The meat mince and kaleji were cooked to perfection and was tasting great along with the spices used in the preparation. The mains were accompanied by the assorted breads like aloo kulcha, Naan, makke ki roti, Parantha, Tandoori roti etc.

In rice we had Veg Subz Pulao and Chicken Biryani which were dum cooked and were like real royal treat, divine in taste.

We were stuffed to the full with this lovely gastronomical affair but still how can a heavenly meal be complete without desserts and as it is said also, if a thing which starts on a good note should end also on a good or rather I should say sweet note. Chef Ashwini’s magical wand was doing wonders so our expectations was also high in case of desserts as well. Thankfully he got pass with flying colors here too.

In dessert we had Gur ka halwa, Phirni, Flat gulab Jamun and Gajrela. All of them were again excellently made but still which stood out were Gur ka halwa which was a semolina preparation along with jaggery which was just wow, neither too sweet nor less. Gajrela and flat gulab Jamun were great too loaded with yumminess.

The overall meal was so extraordinarily good that I am still salivating while penning down my experience. I guess this reason is more than enough for you all to realise how fabulous this whole journey was. So don’t make yourself regret by loosing the opportunity to relish this festival ” AMRITSAR ON A PLATTER “hosted by Dilli 32, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi join them in the celebration of authentic Amritsari cuisine and be a part of this Culinary journey through Grand Trunk Road.

Book your tables on 011 4908 8888

Address: The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, Delhi.
1 CBD, Maharaja Surajmal Road
Near Yamuna Sports Complex
Delhi, 110032

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