Johnny Rockets , CP Paid Review* – 3.3/5

Johnny Rockets, Cp

Johnny Rockets, has recently opened its doors in the heart of Delhi, Connaught place. The brand is known for its premium burgers and shakes. Undoubtedly, they serve some of the best Shakes in Delhi today. The burgers, however, never seem to impress too much. What we search for in a burger is a good quality bun , juicy patty full of flavors and well, an appropriate amount of salad, sauce and cheese.

The store is very well designed comparing to international standards. The servers were very humble, and the uniform of each server was nicely maintained and special care of every customer was taken. They have around 20 seats on a magazine floor, along with 2 toilets. The toilets were very well maintained comparing to other Restaurants

When I reached for lunch, the place was almost occupied and only few seats were left to be taken. I ordered a chocolate shake and Route 66 with Lamb patty ( for which they charge Rs 45 extra ) with salad on the side. The shake was on the table in no time and this time it was not perfect. It had frozen ice cream in the shake which had never been the case earlier. On politely asking the server, they happily changed the shake.


I was also impressed with that fact that when they were taking my order they asked me if I wanted my patty to be well done and explained to me that if the patty was well done, then all juices would be gone and it will have less flavor. If I take medium to rare then the patty would be juicy and pink from inside. I choose the Medium to rare. On previous occasions when I have tried their chicken burger which uses a breast cut. As we all know cooking a breast is always difficult as it tends to turn dry very soon and it was always the case with their chicken burger.

AS soon as my order came I dig into the burger and found my Lamb patty to be dry and bland. I was not able to taste the lamb as there were no juices left. I checked the patty and according to the color it was cooked medium to rare but no flavor. I called the server and she understood my point. She came back with another lamb patty with was pink from inside and looked fine. On eating again, it was dry and bland.

In the many processes involved in these MNC outlets, I feel that the patty flavor was lost in the process. Either it has usually been frozen and thawed multiple times, or the grill has a single temperature for all kind of proteins. Also, the quality of the meat need to be checked time and again. Till then, I would happily stick to only Milk shakes at Johnny Rockets for now!

P.S – When I got up to leave I accidentally struck the fork from the table next to me. Within seconds the waiter picked it up and I was so impressed. But then he put the same fork back on the same table

Paid Review * – This review is concluded by paying a person visit to the CP outlet and previous visits to there other outlets as well. All the food bills including taxes have been paid by the Author


Johnny Rockets score card

Service – 3

Food – 3

Ambiance – 4

Total – 3.3/5


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