Sizzle 2016 at Hard Rock Cafe

It’s been an exciting year for most of the restaurants and cafe’s alike around. But Hard Rock has got something new up it’s sleeves. A hotel in Goa!
Yep, you read that right! A hotel in Goa right next to Calangute Beach and it’s just hot and happening there! They have concocted some special cocktails and a new delicious menu which is just for the takes out there!

Hard Rock Cafe, the brand synonym to rock and roll music and lip-smacking American cuisine invites you to Turn Up The Sizzle all through February & March! The kitchen at Hard Rock Cafe is on fire and is geared up to roll out a limited time smokin’ hot menu to coddle your taste buds.

Out of the lot out there, Chicken Makhani is a delectable dish and tastes equally good too! The Mexican Prawn Skillet stood out too! There is an entire new page full of cocktails which will surely catch your eye. An exclusive range which have shots especially hand-crafted by their bartenders.

Go ahead and try out their new menu. And don’t forget to drop in at The Hard Rock Hotel in Goa. Yep. There’s going to be a buzz around that and it’s going to be huge!

Hard Rock Café has an astounding treat in store for its fans with a combination of lip-smacking sizzlers; effervescent Long Island Iced Teas and Shots and a chance to win a couple night stay atIndia’s first Hard Rock Hotel in Goa every week. With Hard Rock Cafe and its legacy, get a chance to win a couple stay of two nights and three days at India’s first Hard Rock Hotel in February by participating in a contest. Two winners will be picked by a lucky draw every Saturday at each outlet. Thinking of how it’s possible? Head over to your nearest Hard Rock Cafe for a smokin’ hot experience, get social and use the hashtag, #SizzleToGoa, for a sizzling, rocking time in Goa

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