Rangla Punjab Food Festival at Punjab Grill

Review of Rangla Punjab Food Festival at Punjab Grill

Kotkapura Atta Chicken (1728 x 1926)

Punjab, since we all know is very much known for its colourful, rich culture and scrumptious food with aromatic flavours of spices. “Punjab Grill”  restaurant needs no introduction for itself because by the time it has become almost a synonym for the word ‘delectable food ‘ by serving its patrons from quite a long time. We were fortunate enough to attend the “Rangla Punjab Food Festival”  hosted by Punjab Grill itself with an aim to make people understand and think beyond regular Butter Chicken and all when it comes to the Punjabi food.
The decor and interior of the restaurant reflects the core feel of Punjab with a touch of sophistication which was going well with the themed festival.

There was a specially pre crafted menu for it which included quite an interesting offerings from Punjab like in drink we had Kali Gajar ki kanji, which was very refreshing and in the starters we were served Machhi de pakode(fish pakodas),  Meat da Achaar where they had this preparation in both chicken and mutton as well. Both of them were done tastefully, flavour of the Achaari masalas were delivering the best in terms of taste to the taste buds along with the meat. For the vegetarians they had Ghobhi Shalgum da Achaar.

Next we had was the Kunna meat and Kotkapure da atta chicken which were actually the highlights of the menu and we were too looking forward for it as well. Kunna Meat is basically a lamb meat preparation in an earthen pot cooked traditionally along with spices and aromats on slow fire till the flavours of onion, garlic, chillies, ginger comes together with everything in the robust mustard oil. This imparts a very sharp and earthy taste to the braised and stewed mutton dish and is a must try for sure.

Next on the table was Kotkapure da atta chicken, which was like a real treat to the eyes and to the taste buds as well because of its old style preparation and presentation.  In this the whole chicken is cooked along with the marinade which includes either cream or yogurt, Tandoori masala, salt and Red bean stew to give it the exact flavour and then it is wrapped whole properly and roasted in slow fire Tandoor. This slow roasting enhances the rustic flavour of the dish and when it is done then the atta packing is broken and served hot. A very much recommended dish is this one.
For the vegetarians they had an amazing preparation Khoya paneer which was equally good and tasty.

Apart from all these there was Maa chholey di daal, Harey chholiya da pulao and Pind da saag served with makke ki roti, white makkhan (butter) and assorted bread basket.
Pind da saag was another delight for us because it was cooked in rustic style having a coarse texture which was its USP.
After this lovely earthy Punjabi indulgence we ended our meal with a sweet note, Gurh wale chawal and Makhane di kheer were presented as desserts which were just perfect.

So don’t make yourself regret by loosing the chance of visiting Punjab Grill and missing this lovely all day food festival. Make your move immediately as this is a limited time festival which will end on 24th Feb.

Recommendations: Kunna meat, Atta chicken, Meat da Achaar, Pind da saag, Khoya paneer.

Venue – Punjab Grill.
Timing – 10th Feb -24th Feb (All day long)
Cost- Rs 1600(without taxes)

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