undeserving star Kids – Bollywood Edition

Being Indian, Nepotism is something we are used to . But in the field such as Bollywood where talent should prevail,blood is thicker than talent There are many who have proved to be better Artist than their parents but there are few who don’t deserve to get Second chance. Bollywood has become a big family where it is very difficult for an outsider to enter until he has political link or Big money to spend. Let us have a look at undeserving star Kids.

1- Abhishek Bachchan – After getting flops one after other he finally managed to impress people with his role in the movie GURU but we all know that if he was not BIG B’s son he wouldn’t even get the second chance in this industry.

                                                                              Picture Credit – NDTV
2- Uday Chopra – While his brother was a practical person and knew where he stood and chose Direction over Acting, Uday is still day dreaming. Only his own production house can afford such an actor.
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3- Alia Bhatt – Let’s conclude that there is very less of acting which is required from Bollywood actresses but her talent is even below that.
Alia Bhatt
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4- Harman Baweja – Some of you might not even know this guy other than  the fact that he was dating Priyanka Chopra. This guy who seemed to look like Hritik Roshan couldn’t deliver like him.
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5- Sonakshi Sinha – Well when Salman khan offers you a role and the only preparation you need to do for the role is to reduce weight because you are not FIT for a Bollywood role , you have to be lucky. This is the same Industry where Filmfare gives award to Parineeti chopra for reducing weight (well they call it Style Icon). None of Sonakshi  roles have impressed anyone in her movies.
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But there are many Actors who have proved they deserved a chance in Bollywood regardless of the fact that their parents are from the industry. Hritik Roshan , Ranbir Kapoor , Kareena Kapoor , Aditya Chopra , Arjun Kapoor and so on.
But the Media is to be blamed itself for praising star kids with no talent and this year debutant Filmfare award just hint it. Also we stalk star kids from their childhood and can’t wait for them to enter movies. Talent should prevail in mainstream cinema if we want to see quality Movies.
If you are one of them who adore star kids here is a lovely article from Bollywood Kids Scoopwhoop
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