Mujhe Junglee Billee bohot pasand hai – Might looks like a line from a bollywood movie but we love the food at this place

“Ye hai Mumbai meri jaan” was the tag line going in my mind while talking to Chef Pawan Bisht while he was explaining us concept and menu of Junglee Billee. This place is based on Mumbai theme. Now whenever we speak of Mumbai theme, the first thing that comes in our mind is Bollywood. But that is not the case here, Junglee Billee is based on food we get in Mumbai. Starting from Vada pao, Keema Pao to kebabs of Muhammad Ali road to the Parsi specialities like Berry Pulao and Gujarati delicacies, we have everything listed here in the menu.


The interior here isĀ  done by Ms. Nida Mahmood, a renowned fashion designer. She has really done a superb job and the interior showcases elegance all over. Bright lighting, white upholstery and antique elements are the key inputs she has incorporated. She has actually aimed to make a Women’s club, where women can come and enjoy there evening with their “Gentlemen”. During our conversation with the team we also got to know that each and every article present here can be ordered and purchased as well. There is a Swaroski showcase also placed with the same purpose. All these elements have been handpicked and few of them have been taken from collectors for the exclusivity. They have a beautiful terrace seating with a water body, giving an extra edge.
We started our culinary journey with a couple of mocktails and Pandus Vada Pao. Pandus Vada Pao is actually a mini Vada Pao platter. The Vada paos tasted great and were aptly spiced.
The next dish was Keema Pao. The Keema was great and flavourful. The next typical mumbaiya dishes to follow were Ekdum Takatak Sabudana Popcorn, Khaandvi Chaat and Chicken Kurmure Bhel. Sabudana Popcorn and Chicken Kurmure Bhel were just Ok. Could have been better and flavourful. Khaandvi Chaat was a brilliant preparation and full of flavours. The next was Kolivada Chicken. Kolivada Chicken is a fried chicken preparation served with mint chutney. The chef has used boneless Chicken leg pieces to make the dish juicy and soft. The marination was also good. Then we had Bhaijaan Seekh Kebab. This dish has been named after Salman Khan. According to the chef there is a joint in Mumbai where Salman Khan goes to have there special Seekh Kebab. The chef here has somehow managed to get the recipe and have made this superb Seekh Kebab here. Bhaijaan Seekh Kebab was the best dish of the evening. Perfect is all the means, texture, softness, tenderness and spice. This was the dish of the day and I must say that it was the best Seekh Kebab I have had.
For the mains we ordered for Berry Pulao, Bombay Dabba Gosht and Assorted Breads. The Berry Pulao was a little extra sweet and dry for me. But the Bombay Dabba Gosht was just too too good. Mildly spiced gravy with boneless meat balls made a killer combination with the Indian Breads. The gravy was so delicious that it tickled all my taste buds.
In desserts we has Caramel Custard, Chocolate Oreo Mouse and Bombay Mava Cake. Caramel Custard was by far one the best Caramel Custards I have had in recent times. Bombay Mava Cake was a little extra sweet, but a Mava based dessert will be extra sweet, so no complaints here. Chocolate Oreo Mouse was good, but unfortunately there was no hint of Oreo in it. The mouse was tasty and perfect in texture.
For mocktails we had Fruit Punch and Guava Pineapple Mary. Fruit Punch was as great as a classic Fruit Punch should be. Guava Pineapple Mary was a blend of Pineapple and Guava juice with a hint of Tabasco in it. Complimented the food totally and did full justice to the chef’s hard work.

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