The Tummy Section- Tilak nagar – An excellent new concept in street food

The Tummy Section, Tilak Nagar


If I am talking of the food scenes in West Delhi, I can only think of one name, The Tummy Section. Located on the Jail Road, you’ll be able to spot a few orange chairs outside a small shop selling the best Shwarma’s in the vicinity. I have been regularly stopping over this place for quite some time now and haven’t really observed a change in the preparations of the dishes. They claim to have been serving Best Chicken Shwarma’s since 2009 but I only got to visit this place in 2014.


What exactly is a Shwarma?

Shwarma is generally a meat preparation, where meat is placed on a rotating vertical spit and grilled for a few hours or even a day. Shavings are then cut off and served with other accompaniments in roll/pita bread. At Tummy Section, they serve 2 variants: Paneer and Chicken. They have a little something for the vegetarians as well. Nicely cut chicken shavings, are mixed with a few spices and mayonnaise and neatly tucked in a roll. Served with a dollop of Mayonnaise and Tahini, they are the best you can probably get in 60 bucks.


Food Recommendations:

Heavenly Momo’s: Available in Vegetarian, Paneer and Chicken; these momo’s are either steamed or fried, as per your order and then tossed in a Chilly Garlic Gravy with sliced onions and capsicums. My recommendation: order some mayonnaise along; it goes well with the spicy gravy.

Damages: 90 to 110 bucks for a plate of 8 Momo’s.


Lemon Chilly Chicken: Regular Chilly Chicken, prepared with a little twist here and there. The tanginess from the lemon juice balances the excessive use of chillies in the dish.

Damages: 130 bucks for 7-8 pieces of Chicken with Gravy.


Creamy Chicken Lollipop’s: Well-cooked, deep fried Chicken Lollipops, topped with a good amount of creamy gravy and some green chutney.

Damages: 4 Chicken Lollipop’s for 130 bucks.


Egg Boats: Yolks are scooped out from the boiled eggs, are then mixed with some spices, sauces and onions and filled back. Topped with some cheese and coriander, they are best for munching before starting off a meal here.

Damages: 50 bucks for 2 eggs, sliced into 4.


My experience with this outlet has always been extravagant. You might be surprised with my choice of words here but just let go of the surroundings and enjoy the food here. They are open for Online Ordering on Zomato and deliver in the nearby areas. Go and try for yourself!

Happy Eating!!

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