The china kitchen Hyatt , New Delhi – Authentic Chinese cuisines

The China Kitchen is one of the most loved Chinese fine dining restaurants, and a dear baby of the Hyatt Regency hotel. It showcases the concept of dining in the kitchen, offering a stylized interpretation of the traditional dining experience. The restaurant comprises of four sections: an open kitchen, five skillfully designed private dining rooms, the wine wall and tea bar and the dining area.


The China Kitchen offers delicious signature Chinese delicacies ranging from Peking Duck to hand pulled noodles and a variety of sumptuous desserts. In addition to the regular menu, they also have special menus designed every once in a while, and these are available for usually a week or so.


One such especially designed menu week has been in place from January 17-24, 2016. This menu has been designed by one of Hyatt’s oldest and most brilliant chef’s; Master Chef Dong Long. The menu comprises of some carefully handpicked selections of Chef Dong Long ‘s signature dishes. From Fungi Salad, Clear wild mushroom soup with black truffles, Roasted duck breast, Wok fried minced lamb, wild mushroom to Sichuan style fried rice; he is ready to transport you to China.


Chef Dong Long has been working with the Hyatt chain for a while, and he keeps travelling across the Hyatt hotels to oversee the working of the different Chinese restaurants. He has come to the Hyatt Regency Delhi especially to create this menu with the other chefs and will go away soon leaving behind some of his signature dishes, which have been immensely liked by many guests of the Hyatt.

Chef Dong Long does not speak in English, but with the help of a translator, it’s a delight to communicate with him. He’s quite humble even after achieving such heights.


And as they say, the magic has been truly recreated. So pick a date up to the 24th and head to the China Kitchen and experience the enchanting chef’s menu and the goodness and wholesomeness of authentic Chinese flavours.

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