Farzi café CP opens with a Bang in Inner Circle , CP

Farzi cafe cp

Farzi café after being  successful food model, still has the hype which it has created in 2014. Farzi café CP would be the most successful release of CP in 2016 for  reasons  CP being restored to no. 1 Party and food destination needed a place like Farzi and Indian food still rules CP and Farzi is in the business of making Indian food cool again. This was the prime aim of Zorawar Kalra when he planned Farzi Initially. Zorawar is a perfectionist and only the best in the Industry works with him. From the quality of the food to the interiors to the latest gadgets being used. Farzi screams loud! The newly launched café is located in the inner circle above United Coffee house. Zorawar being Zorawar you don’t expect the concept to be the same as in 2014. There are many new additions which have been made to the menu which include a  Shisha NOW!

The interiors looks stunning which is complimented by an Island bar , a stage to perform and a separate shisha section. They have a stage for performances and sitting from comfortable couches to bar tables. Talking  about the food let’s start with some of the vegetarian dishes which included Baby Cashew Idlis, Kafir lime gunpowder, the tiny Idlis burst with the southern flavors.Goat cheese and walnut tikki with basil chutney spheres ,   had a very mature taste and chutney went well with it. If you feel these are just light appetizers then you must got to try their Tandoori wild mushrooms, truffle and walnut dust. This dish is full of flavors and not recommended for the people on a diet. But it delivers a very pungent flavors to justify.



We did not turned Herbivores totally. As we tried some of the “ Real “ stuff as you may call it as well like Delhi belly tikka, roasted russet apples, murraba glaze. Since the launch this is the most talked about dish. In 2014 it was ParleG cheese cake in 2016 it’s Delhi belly. Made from a juicy fatty cut of a pig “ the belly “ which uses all the fat in the making and adds tenderness to the dish. Believe me if your belief allows you to eat this , this would be the best dish you would have tried in a very long time .Chili Chicken bao is a excellent Fusion between Punjabi Chinese ( Chili chicken ) and Authentic Chinese steamed Bread named Bao shaped as a bun. Eat with caution this would burn more than a tequila shot but the risk is worth taking. Indian have a thing for Fried food and to tap that love they have introduced FFC. Farzi fried chicken and this is no ordinary fried chicken. There is no oil visible on the crust and the flavors go deep to the bone. Smoked patthar ke kebab, wasabi walnut chutney ( Buff Alert ). This is among the best Buff kebabs I have tried in Delhi. The buff is very delicately cut into thin slices and nicely marinated, served with live coal presentation. Grainy mustard fish tikka, kasundi was next on the menu. This is something which I like about Farzi there represent the Desi Ingredients so well in there dishes. Anyone who has tasted English Mustard and Kasundi would definitely go for Kasundi for its raw flavors. The Tikka was nicely done and melts in the mouth. Bheja fry, fresh coriander and cumin with appam, first thing there are very few South Indian Specialty restaurants who can come up with a good and perfect Appam. The Lamb brain is a very difficult thing to cook as it does not have any taste of its own, but it goes very well with Indian Spices. The dish was cooked to perfection as Brain cooked was tender to eat and perfumed with Indian Spices. Mutton Salli boti in thepla wraps was a very good recreation of the Mexican Tacos. The mutton was cooked well in Parsi spices.

How can a visit to CP not include few drinks and yes they also have something special for their drinks as well. They have special Equipment to make extraordinary cocktails and not liquid nitrogen or dry ice being used in the name of modern cocktails. ( to see the video of cocktails and more about the bar click on the link )


Top 3 drinks that you must try are

1- 3 musketeer- whisky cocktail done with chocolate,chilli & orange with cinamon smoke


   2- Farzi Bunta – Reliving the childhood they have created a special bunta menu with alchol and few without. They have special machine which carbonize the cocktail and packs it into a bunta bottle. So press down the banta and enjoy

 . 3- Chai pani-vodka cocktail with coffee flavour liquor earlgrey tea- You won’t realize until you have couple of them that you are actually drinking booze.

They have many more cocktails and if cocktails is not your mix, Beers starts at Rs 85 For the people who don’t drink don’t be disappointed they have few mocktails name ‘suniye‘or ‘0 ‘ in Hindi. They being modest giving tee tottlers a cool menu to enjoy. Ending the meal with desserts could be the best possible way.

Farzi has always come up with something unique when it comes to unique desserts which stands out of the whole menu as earlier it was the Parle G cheese cake Now, this time first on the serving was Milky way Big Bang which is a take on our galaxy and having the rabri in the center as Sun.  CHOCOLATE DIRT PILE some desserts can’t be explained in words and this is one of them. 

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