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Lavaash by Saby at Mehrauli serves Armenian cuisine

Lavaash by Saby

Lavaash by Saby; Armenian Café & Bar. This isn’t a regular restaurant with an Armenian theme and Armenian cuisine. It’s a lot more than that. It’s a story, which Chef Saby narrates himself beautifully through different aspects of Lavaash. After spending his best years at the kitchens of Olive as a culinary director and developing brands like Olive Beach, Ai, Lap, Olive Bistro and finishing on a high with Soda Bottle Opener Wala, he happily retired at the age of 40. But then came this opportunity and he realized his dream of having his own restaurant and making it unique. And so he did. He went back to his childhood memories and brought Lavaash for all of us, from there. Chef Megha, the other strong pillar of Lavaash worked tirelessly with Chef Saby and did wonders with research on the menu and putting together recipes. Having personally met her, I can definitely say that very few people, who’ve achieved so much in life are so done to earth and she truly is one of them.


Lavaash is located in the beautiful area of Mehrauli, right next to En. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, this place will seize your mind and take you into another world, on to a prepossessing journey. The interiors are quite beautiful and intricate. I couldn’t help but notice how well the washroom was done and how detailed one can be. Be it the aroma, or the bag filled with tissue papers hanging on the wall, it was quite refreshing. With both indoor and outdoor seating and a menu so well defined, it’s difficult to not fall in love with this place.


The menu was rather new,, different and groundbreaking. Here are some of the dishes with their description:



Lavash: One of the most obvious choices to order yet it was unique because the hummus was so unusual. It was a white bean hummus which I hadn’t had or heard of earlier.


Crispy Lentil Sticks: Made with channa dal and shaped into perfect cuboids topped with tamarind chutney and served with mint chutney. This appetizer was as perfect as it sounds.


Jurassic Cheese Lavash Pizza: Made on a crispy flat bread and topped with Bandel, which is and Indian cheese that originated in an erstwhile Portuguese colony, Bandel, located in West Bengal. It comes in two flavours salted and smoked.


Stuffed Eggplant: Char grilled eggplant with green peas, beetroot, peanuts and kalimpong cheese. This dish was unreal and unbelievably delicious.


Onion Prawn Tolma: Onion filled prawns marinated in coconut milk, giner, chilli, kasundi. The prawns cooked perfectly without the overpowering taste on onion.


Lamb Koobideh: Something like a seekh kebab yet different with spices added on top. It’s a juicy and delectable dish.


Mushroom Manti: The traditional Armenian ravioli is quite different from the regular Italian ravioli but tasty in a strange way.


Panir, Walnnut and Spinach Kefta: Balls of paneer stuffed with spinach and walnuts along with a raisin, walnut and cashewnut gravy. This dish is a star dish.



Spicy Chicken in Georgian Walnut Sauce: Perfect cooked, juicy boneless chicken, served with a cashewnut, tomato gravy with walnuts. This one’s definitely paradise on a plate.


Orange Pound Cake: A soft, spongy orange cake with palm jiggery syrup and nolen gur ice cream. It’s a rare and tasty dessert.


Milk Chocolate, Walnut and Cherry Cheesecake: A cookie crumble base, with a walnut base right above that and a rich, creamy cheesecake topped with chocolate sauce, cherries and a cherry glaze, this cheesecake is like no other.


The cocktail menu as well is quite innovative with a tale behind each cocktail. Each one of them is pretty strong so you won’t ever complain that one drink wasn’t enough. They serve coffee as well and they have French Press coffee from Southern Estates and these are also available for sale.


So plan your visit to Lavaash and live the childhood memories of Chef Saby as he tells his tale and takes you through an enriching experience.

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