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Big Wong XL

Big Wong has been there for Dim Sum lovers for years now. The most recently opened Big Wong XL is a new leap to the brand. They have added Sushies and they also serve alcohol here. This outlet is also relatively bigger than there previous ones. I became a fan on Big Wong the day I went there for the first time. I had a great experience and I tried a plethora of offerings to relish. Today we were here to try there Sushies and the other newly added attractions.

They have a rustic ambience with bright lightning and a touch of greenery around. The music is also very soothing and at appropriate volume. There is small bar here right at entrance. A good move to promote the inclusion of the Bar Menu. Even I was not aware of the fact till the time I saw it.
I started my food journey by having soups. Me and my friends ordered Tom Yum and Tom Kha in Chicken and a Veg Manchow. The Tom Kha was brilliant. Perfect in consistency and flavours. Even the Tom Yum and Manchow were as good as the Tom Kha. The next starter to come was Veg Cheese rolls. The crisp wafer sheet was stuffed with Mozzarella cheese. A great combination and is highly recommended. Now the time was to have some Dim Sums. The first to come was Pickle Veg Dumpling. It was topped with Chive vinegar for enhancing the flavour. Veg Thai Herbs, Veg Crystal Dim Sums were also very well prepared. Now the turn was to get some non veg Dim Sums. Curry Chicken Dimsums, Curry Prawn Dim Sums and Sea  food Sui-Mai. Sea food Sui-Mai is an open faced dumpling with Prawns as a main ingredient. The preparation and presentation of all the Dim Sums were at there best, specially the Curry Dim Sums.

In Sushies we had California Sushi (Uramaki) Rolls, Tanuki Rolls (Uramaki), Shitake Mushroom Maki (Traditional Hosamaki), Salmon Sake (Nigiri and Sashimi) and Tuna  Maguro (Nigiri and Sashimi). The California Rolls, an Uramaki style of preparation. In Uramaki the rice layer covers the Nori and the other stuffings, which was crab and red tobiko in this case. They were just too good and I can compare them to some of the best Sushi serving restaurants, barring a couple who definitely master the art of making Sushies. The next was Tanuki Rolls, another Uramaki preparation with vegetarian stuffings. Shitake Mushroom Maki was Traditional Hosamaki preparation. This was having the Nori covering the rice. Now the time was to have some Nigiri and Sashimi. I was nearly full but wanted to try the Sashimi as well, so i requested the chef to serve us just a couple of pieces. He agreed to the same and served Tuna Maguro and Salmon Sake in both styles. The Nigiries were an absolute delight. The best I had in the evening so far. The Sashimies were also good though.

For the main course we had Egg Fried Rice, Steamed fish with Black Bean Sauce, Sliced Chicken Thai Basil and Exotic Vegetables in Hoisin Sauce. The main course was also delicious, but I am still to come out  of the hangover of the Dim Sums and the Sushies.

For Desserts we had Darsaan and Chocolate Caramel Bomb, accompanied by a dollop of vanilla ice cream each. They both were very sumptuous and delectable. My personal favorite was the  Chocolate Caramel Bomb.
This bring us to an end of a great great food journey we had at Big Wong XL.

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