Barcelos Hauz khas village is the 2nd store in Delhi for the brand

Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village



Have you heard of the story of the ’Legend of Barcelos’?


Read on, if you haven’t. A Galego was sentenced to hang inspite of his protests of innocence. In a last minute appeal to the judge, who was having dinner at the time, the condemned man made a bold statement. If his claim of innocence was true, the roasted rooster, resting on the judge’s plate would get and crow. Guess what happened? The cockerel rose from the plate crowing loud and long!! I read this on one of the walls at Barcelos. Interesting isn’t it? So, is the concept.

The outlet is not difficult to locate, enter the village and take the first right, near the art gallery. Situated on the first floor, Barcelos is set up on different levels with a small balcony near the entrance. For people who are still new to the food they serve, they serve nicely grilled chicken dishes with 4 variants of the sauces: Per-Peri, Very-Peri, Super-Peri and Tangy Lemon. Quite recently, the bug of molecular gastronomy has bitten a lot of places in Delhi. Not that I don’t like the idea and concept but it is becoming very popular amongst the crowd. Barcelos is doing a great job in this aspect, molecular mocktails are up for grabs.

Mocktails: ’Hey Rosey’, is a rose-based mocktail. Very delicate and refreshing because of the tinge of cardamom and rose water. For people who love mangoes, Tangy Mango is for you. Sweet and sour, a bit of spices and some crushed ice. A good drink to wash down those amazing flying wings on your table. Kiwi Cooler has actual kiwi pulp, I could crunch on the seeds, hence no artificial flavourings here. A great one!

Food: The garlic roll served along with the chicken livers is a MUST-TRY.                 For once, I left the chicken livers and was happily gorging on the bread roll, smeared with a lot of butter and garlic. First love at Barcelos. This was a part of the Chicken Platter. It is always better to order a platter, you get to taste a lot of dishes. Chicken wings (layered with peri spices, grilled with peri sauce and served with per mayo), Drum Sticks and Boneless thighs were served along, basically everything has a touch of Peri.

Next came the Chicken Espetada, a hanging dish, skewed with chicken breast, onions & peppers with a portion of fries and potato wedges. You can choose the sides from the menu if potatoes are not your thing.

Now, was the time for the sliders. I guess people only know Barcelos for their range of Coloured Burgers, Peri-Peri Chicken is just an add-on. Well, I tried all of them. The Mutton Burgers are anyday better than the Chicken ones. My favourite amongst all was the Black Burger with the Mutton Patty. Do try this! The juices from the patty had made the burger a little moist, the sauces were oozing out from the sides, it could not get dirtier than this but trust me I went crazy for this burger. If you want to try all of the coloured burgers, order the sliders (mini burgers).

Desserts: We were served a Chocolate Cake with loads of chocolate ganache. A dessert good enough for two people. If chicken is not your thing, this will make you come to Barcelos

Yet another outlet, lively atmosphere, a different pattern on every wall; all of this under one roof.

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