The Bar Terminal , Fort – Mumbai

The Bar Terminal, Fort



Mumbai always has something to offer you. This bigger-than-life city has space for everyone and welcomes you with wide arms open. Off late, there have been a lot of changes that have been going through the city’s food culture. One of the growing trends are- “pubs”. Mumbai’s romance with pubs continues with one its newest entrant to the food scene at South Mumbai- The Bar Terminal. This 1500 sq. ft. pub is located near The Bombay Stock Exchange at Fort. The Bar Terminal comes from the house of popular city restaurant Spices n Flavors and Sky View Cafe. TBT houses a completely vegetarian menu, about which I was honestly skeptical at the beginning. However the dishes in the menu blend very well with the “mixology” menu and make the whole experience richer.

One of the key things that you notice once you enter TBT is its quirky and vibrant décor. Many of the designs used are made from recycled material. One particular thing that caught my eye was the bar counter. The whole bar counter is made up of stacked up colourful plastic crates which look wonderful from the overlooking seating area. The napkin dispensers are made of old computer keyboards and old tyres have been used as chairs. Clearly, a lot of attention has been given to the décor and I personally, would give full marks for the ambience. The place has a very different vibe to it – perfect for people to unwind. The place has a chic-yet-rustic charm to it. It’s a shutterbug’s paradise as every part of the bar is unique on its own. The music played here is quite peppy and the sound system was well placed. There is also a separate part present in the TBT, which has been kept for private parties and might be converted to a smoking room in coming days.

Coming to the food, the food and drinks menu is quite extensive especially for a pub. There were many interesting dishes which caught my attention like the Paneer Tikka Lasagne or the Pizza Puchkas. The Jugaad and Nashta snacks were the most fascinating on the food menu. It is basically, a mix of Indian street food with a twist, and many fusion dishes. For starters, I ordered for the Mac n Cheese cupcakes and the Pizza Puchkas. The Mac n cheese cupcake, which was essentially the classic mac n cheese served in the form of cupcake, was quite delectable with cheese oozing out of the cupcake with every bite you take. I personally, found that the Pizza Puchkas were decent. Somehow, the pizza toppings didn’t really go very well with the puris, and also the overall dish seemed pretty dry. However, kudos to the TBT team for trying out something completely new!

For main course, I stuck to the basics and ordered for two Pasta dishes- the Classic Alfredo and the Arabiatta. The pasta dishes were pretty good and were quite well made. After gobbling the pasta, I was tempted to try something new and I ordered for the Pizza Al-vodka which was explained on the menu as “pizza topped with jalapenos, olives, bell peppers and pineapple with a hint of vodka.” The pizza was the usual fare of a cheesy pizza, with the taste of pineapples dominating the overall toppings’ flavours. However, I didn’t find the point of using a neutral spirit like Vodka in the pizza whose trace couldn’t be found anywhere in the dish.

The dessert menu is very limited: Three ice-creams, three mousses and a sizzling brownie. I went with the sizzling brownie and it looked really good on the plate. The brownie was very well made and went very nicely with the ice cream put on the top. However, no matter how sizzling your brownie is, the sizzling brownie shouldn’t be a burnt brownie. At the base, it was burnt and half of it went as waste. Maybe keeping the temperature of the “sizzle” tad bit less would work better.

The main star of the TBT is definitely their “mixology” menu. The menu is well thought out and innovative, keeping in mind the choices of everybody who walks into TBT. It’s a mix of light drinks and heavy drinks and surprisingly, a long list of mocktails too. I tried a few based on the recommendations of others and honestly, the drinks are quite impactful, both on your tastebuds as well as your brain! My favourite was the Jack Sparrow- a concoction of dark rum, jaggery syrup and lime juice. The drink is served in a barrel and has a long lasting effect on your taste buds. I also tried the Unicorn which was basically Vodka and orange juice, which I found pretty decent. The mocktails were quite interesting, especially the Passionate Basil and the Bull Frog.

All and all, an interesting place for one to explore. If you are working hard throughout the week, and want to unwind with some drinks and a couple of friends, head to this place today. TBT is open on all days in the evening and also in the afternoon.(Caution: Sandals and slippers are not allowed!)

Pocket Pinch: Rs.1500 for two

The overall understatement of TBT is:” Alcohol: because no good story ever started with a salad.”


Enjoy responsibly! Period.

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