Veda, located in Connaught Place has tantalized our taste buds with impressive North Indian for years. And when it was time to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, HMM  was glad to be a part of it! The first thing that intrigues you as soon as you enter Veda, is the beautiful interiors. With a royal feel, the colorful mirrors and chandeliers will win your hearts over. Mr. Rohit Bal has done full justice to the concept and the very ambience of this beauty.


The afternoon began on a royal note, and the Murg Malai tikka with cheese fondue was the best way to kickstart lunch. The perfectly cooked chicken and cheese sauce was a combination to remember.  Moving on, the amritsari fish was very soft and succulent and went well with their pudina chutney which was thick and flavorful. For vegetarians,  the dahi ke kebabs were gooey and full of dry fruits, an impressive version indeed.  The Nitrogen palak patta chaat was different, and the whole nitrogen process was a treat to the eyes. Crunchy and flaky palak, you won’t stand disappointed. The asparagus shorba however, was not something that stood out and can be avoided.


For the mains, dal veda was indeed a highlight and one of their specialities. Perfect consistency and balanced flavors, definitely how you would like your typical black dal to be. The dum aloo was decent but nothing really to write home about. The lamb biryani was well balanced and went well with the raita, and we would have loved it even more if it was a notch higher on the spice. The chicken korma and garlic naan were the perfect combination! Balanced gravy with a flaky naan, make sure you try this combination! We absolutely loved our apple and cinnamon mojito which had bits of fresh cinnamon, and was a  refreshing change from the usual.

For desserts, make sure you try the Litchi tehri, for it is very different from the usual, and the milk and litchi totally compliment each other. All in all, beautiful interiors, impressive service and decent food make for a good reason to visit Veda. Cheers to many more years of delightful North Indian food, way to go!



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