Vibe – The Sky Bar at Hilton Garden Inn

Sky bar is becoming a new style for cafe’s and pubs alike. “Drink Among the skies” as one might imagine is what Sky Bar actually means to tell you by it’s name.

This is one of the most beautiful setting I have stepped into for a really romantic night till date. The place is absolutely stunning and by the pool tables are just marvellous!
The Bar also holds theme nights like Sufi and DJ to make things more interesting.


As the name goes, Sky Bar is well, a bar. But hold your horses, it’s not just any bar, it has one of the most intuitive concoctions you can find in the capital region.

They had some nice cocktails out there and there are a few which stood out. One of them was Bubblegum Cocktail. It’s made by dissolving actual bubblegum into their classic mixture of Vodka with Egg Whites, which gives a very different taste like as if drinking bubblegum flavoured goodness. Another one of their signatures is  Achari Mojito. It’s a white rum based drink with achar and other additions like lime and mint which is a unique concoction made by their team. It hits you and leaves a really amazing aftertaste!


The place is not really made to eat, per se but sides is but an obligatory serving with drinks, and they left no stone unturned here as well.

Their Wild Mushroom Kurkuri is a must have along with their Blue Cheese Chicken. They are marvellous and will surely be a nice combination with the drinks.


Overall it’s an amazing place where you would definitely end up enjoying. The drinks are great and the Ambiance is to die for!

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