Top 10 Restaurants 2015 by Team Hmm!

Top 10 Restaurants 2015

The year 2015 is about to end and with countless restaurants and blogs popping up this year, which  is commendable. This year has seen  an Era of Local bars and eateries , economical eating joints and specialized eating places taking   a lead. As far as the blogging community is concerned, the specialty Restaurants  preferred blogs/websites but this year was dominated by Instagramers.  This year would also be remembered for most funded year as more than 1000cr being promised for the restaurateurs from Delhi only.

Here is the list of top 10 Restaurants for Year 2015 (based on various parameters besides food)


1- Tamra, Shangri-La’s –  Also no 1 restaurant on TripAdvisor. The newly opened buffet place is not very typical to its type. It has lot of food options and five live kitchens to provide customized food made for individual palate. They also have a section for healthy Indian food called Ghar ka khaana to read more … tamra Review           (Best Buffet )

2- Indian Accent – I have visited this Restaurant twice this year and it never fails to impress me. But the recipes and cooking techniques being widely  available on the internet, Indian Accent’s edge of the first mover advantage has diminished. Major changes are needed to keep up with the “Name”. Let’s see what Manish can bring up in 2016. The  restaurant which has really come close to Indian Accent is Tresind in Dubai  ( Read about Tresind and Indian Accent   ( Modern Indian Cuisine) 

3- Lord of the Drinks ( Best Economical Bar ) – This Place by Priyank acts like a black hole for bar goers in CP. It’s success is roared all across Delhi. 10 more LOTD coming soon to read more LOTD

4 – Wendy’s ( Best QSR ) – Wendy’s opened up with lot of promise for the Indian market and is the first mass QSR to serve Pork. They have done there Research well to match the Indian taste and is a instant hit amongst the youth. The only problem they face is the location , if this store have opened in Delhi it would have been a different story altogether–  read more  wendy’s

5- The potbelly ( Best Regional cuisine) Bihari food is not very popular among bloggers or foodies, but this place will change lot of perceptions about Bihar food. The food is very well made and authentic in it’s flavors    to read more The potbelly

6- The California Boulevard ( best Multi cuisine ) –
e might think that the Era of Multi cuisine is over but it has evolved into more refined and fun dinning concepts. These kind of  aplaces for families , for groups and parties. The quality of the food  is much higher than other Multi cuisine restaurants TCB Review

7 – Ziu   ( Best Thai Food ) – I have recently visited

 Thailand and don’t know what was wrong with their cooking or I am too much fond of our Desi version. But this place proves me Right as it serves authentic Thai food with a modern twist and  even better. ZIU Review

8 –  Guppy by ai – ( Best Japanese ) –  The food at Guppy is exceptionally good and we love  it every single time. They do come up with summer and winter menu each year which has something unique for the dinners. To read more Guppy by Ai

9-  El Posto ( Best Bakery ) with 4 outlets spread mainly in East and North Delhi , they surely know how to deliver a good Red velvet cake which has been a number dessert in 2015 among foodies and that makes them no 1 for serving it with excellence every single time – El posto new menu

10 The Hudson cafe ( Best pocket Friendly ) When we talk about pocket friendly places  there can not be a better place than this. They have a big menu and most of the items on the menu taste good but then maintaining such a big menu is a must in a student dominating market to read more Hudson cafe


 The year 2016  would be a year for Economical dinning spaces , Local bars and Regional Indian Food



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