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Pa Pa Ya

Pa Pa Ya, the newest brain child of Jiggs Kalra after a series of popular restaurants, namely, Made in Punjab, Farzi Café and Masala Library. Jiggs Kalra has brought innovation into the food industry and kept its passion alive. Molecular gastronomy was just a faraway thought which was possible in some distant dream in India but it has finally come to reality with the mentioned chain of restaurants.

I remember watching Masterchef Australia and being blown away by the theatrics, innovation and implementation of molecular gastronomy by Heston Blumenthal. It was a wonder when nitrogen gas would be used so beautifully to create an awe inspiring dish which would make my eye balls go bigger and my mouth water. And I got the same feeling at Pa Pa Ya. Be it the fancy cocktails, the palate cleansers, which is still an uncommon phenomenon or the famous chocolate ball.

Pa Pa Ya screams out molecular gastronomy in every way. The interiors are designed beautifully with molecule like elements everywhere and to add to the theatrics, there are projectors which reflect on these molecule like elements and the music is specially designed for this. Even otherwise the music has been especially curated to go with the theme. The staff is full of energy, which is an important factor for a good experience and well, the menu is phenomenal with variety enough to confuse you but when you have so much to choose from, you can’t really complain. And then there’s a story to each dish which will make you more curious about their origin and the staff will do justice by telling you the tale.

My meal started with dimsums and I asked for their recommendation, which led me to have the sauteed leeks and water chestnut dimsums. This wouldn’t have been my first choice otherwise but it was a good choice. I was surprised with the dark pink outer layer which was made of beetroot and the filling was delicious. The crab and scallop ravioli too was delectable. However what I had next was the highlight of my meal. SUSHI. This place serves the most amazing sushi I’ve had till now. Their avocado and asparagus sushi are great but it doesn’t stop there. Their sushi burgers are to die for. The presentation was a strong point and it just adds to the experience. They have a great variety when it comes to small plates and I’d recommend Tofu Carpaccio, Tacos, Scallop Carpaccio, and Steamed Scampi. Even the sliders are pretty good such as Crispy Lamb Wrap or Soft Shell Crab Buns.

The main course was good but not better than the sushi I had. I had stir fried vegetables and sizzling fried rice. I loved the fried rice and would definitely recommend it. Coming to the desserts, my eyes went straight to the Chocolate ball on fire. It was a huge chocolate ball with ice cream, dry fruits etc inside it. It was broken down by pouring rum all over it and was so huge that it could be easily shared by 5 people.

The cocktails were a delight. I would recommend the special Pa Pa Ya cocktails which are made with a twist. Nitrogen gas has been used well in cocktails to enhance the experience. And the flavours are so unique and well balanced.

All in all, this place is hard to miss!

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