Thalassery Food Festival at Zambar

Regional cuisine has always been my first choice. We came to Zambar today for the Thalassery Food Festival. Thalassery is a region in Kerala which was a Spice Trade hub earlier and this was the fact that made us more excited about the festival. We were ready to experience a meal which guaranteed a complete satisfaction to all the five senses.
Chef Sebastian came to us and briefed  us about the food festival. He also served us the food in a Thali, which enabled us to taste most of the dishes curated. Otherwise Thalassery Food Festival menu is available Ala Carte’ only. We were served Ullivada to start with. This is a crispy onion pakoda dish with a hint of curry leaves.
Then came the Thalassery Thaali. It had Erachi Pathiri, Naadan Konju Fry, Kadala Kari (Puttu), Erachi Korma, Njandu Roast and Nadan kozhi Curry along with Appam, Iddyappam, Kallapam steam rice.

Naadan Konju fry is a Crisp fried Prawn dish. Superbly crispy and flavoursome. Prawns were very fresh and acted as a perfect appetizer.
Erachi Pathari is a mince lamb stuffed bread. It was delicious and accompanied very well with the Curries.
Kadala Kari is a dish with black chana in an aromatic gravy. It was loaded with flavours too and the curry complimented very well with  Thattu Dosa(Thick Kerala Street Cosa) and Kallapam(Appam).
Erachi Korma, a mutton curry dish and Nadan Kozhi curry is a South Indian chicken curry, both were fabulous and a delight to the taste buds.  Complimented amazingly with Qulion Parotha(Malabari Parotha)
Njandu Roast, a mud crab preparation was the star of the feast. So fresh that I couldn’t believe. A must try for the crab Lovers. It took me sometime to finish it but each and every second was worth it.

The last dish was Thalassery Biryani. They use a special rice that  looks small and sticky. This is a particular variant which is very aromatic and yet not Basmati. Normally the meats in a Biryani are also a little bland. This is not the case with any coastal Biryani. The chicken stuffed inside Thalassery Biryani was just to die for. For me Thalassery Biryani combined with Njandu Roast was the best combination of the Day. This doesn’t mean that other were not great. The Thalassery  Food Festival is a truly a soul satisfying experience.
We were served Parippu Pradaman as a dessert. It was a pudding with  amalgamation of coconut, jaggery and lentil. A perfect ending.


Special mention:- I am listing this at the last as this is not a part of the festival. We had a Chai Sangaria here. Perfection in blends and freshness was the winning combination. It is a must try beverage at Zambar.


Meal for two is Rs 1500 approx.
Thalassery Food Festival will end on 20th Dec 2015

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