AMPM cafe & Bar – New Cocktail Menu Launch

Rajouri Garden is the new place to be now! Creating a buzz around the town are lounges and bars, all lined up on the main road itself. All of this started with the AMPM Cafe & Bar .

AMPM cafe & cafe  has recently launched their new Cocktail Menu. On the 15th of November, Hmm! In collaboration with Delhi_Foodie organised a Tasting Session along with a Cocktail Making Competition. 7-8 teams participated in the groups of 2-3. Brainstorming and discussions could be heard in every nook and corner on the third floor. The winning recipe will be shared towards the end of the article.

Set up on two floors, the owners have recently revamped the whole place, offering outdoor seating on high-rise wooden chairs. Plush couches inside with a nice bookshelf on one of the walls and some framed memories which may be a treat for all the music lovers. Not only is their ambiance lovely but they come up with bands and individual artists, every now and then with different genres of music.

The all new Cocktails from the menu has twists and a lot of improvisation has been used while cooking up with the flavours. Indian flavours have also played a major role here. Some of the cocktails which are recommended by the bloggers are Paan Mojito, Imli Mojito and Aam Panna Mojito. Dead Bastard and New Cosmopoliton were successful in stealing the show. The launch of the Cocktail menu was accompanied by amazing Food, Desserts, Shakes and Mocktails. Jumbo Prawns and Cumin Fried Chicken were literally the heart of the entire meal.
A photography table was laid out by the staff for the bloggers, who love clicking away pictures before eating. Everybody left grinning on the sunny Sunday afternoon.

Cocktail making competition

There were 8 teams with 3 member  in each team and everyone got a set Ingredients from the mystery box which was set by Nikhil Chawla. Nikhil  demonstrated the making of Cosmopolitan and each team was rated by him and  Mr Sandeep from Ampm  . The final two Contestants were judged by Kanchan from AMPM

Winning Cocktail:
Mix 1 tsp Honey with 1 tsp lukewarm water.
Take 30 ml of Gin in a glass and add 20-30 ml lime juice.
Add 200 ml Beer.
Pour the honey mixture into the glass.
Add some crushed ice and garnish it with a mint leaf.

Happy Eating and Cocktail-ing at the AMPM Cafe & Bar!

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