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Ziu – Modern Thai food at R.K Puram , Delhi

Kanom krok at ziu
Kanom krok

Ziu RK Puram

Ziu is a new name added in the list of all the foodies which has recently opened up in the Sangam Courtyard at R.K. Puram. It is an Innovative Thai Cuisine restaurant manned by a very experienced and world travelled chef, Chef Gurmehar Sethi who has also worked with a very renowned  Michelin starred restaurant “Nobu“. He has actually tried to bring the traditional flavours of Thai Cuisine with a twist of modernity including the presentation of the dishes yet  maintaining the real authentic flavours at Ziu. He has come up with the idea of providing a “fun fine dine “experience to his guests where they can come casually and can relish the feel of fine dining.

 Coming to the ambience of the restaurant, it is very warm and welcoming having a view of open kitchen. The decor and the interior includes a modern Sala Thai where the facade is covered with snake skin and fish scale which gives an edge to the whole effort and looks quite beautiful too.

The food of the restaurant is the  main highlight actually which involves gastronomy and nitrogen based concoctions as well. Thai herbs, Greens and fresh vegetables are the constant inspiration for the master Chef through which he ensures to endeavour a fabulous experience to his guests. Coming to the  food which we tried are as follows

Tom Yum Soup : It was a nicely prepared thai soup having sharp, spicy and sour flavour which was very likeable.  We tried both the options,  veg and chicken too.
Tom kha Gai : A contrast version of the previous soup, it was a mild coconut milk flavoured soup having the taste of galangal and lemon juice which was very good too. Both the preparation (Veg. & Chicken ) version were very flavourful.
Laab Gai : An interesting  North Eastern style chicken  salad which was quite delectable too. It is basically chicken minced salad tossed with mint and coriander in roasted sticky rice dressing. Definitely a must try.
Yum hua plee kab yod maphraow :  One of the most recommended stuff from their menu. It is actually also called as Banana blossom salad where the shredded banana and coconut heart are tossed with crispy shallots and roasted peanuts in chilly jam dressing.

Yum Som O : Popularly known as Pomelo salad which is enriched with the fresh fruits and greens in tangy palm sugar dressing.
Kanom krok : Again a very nice innovative creation by the chef in the form of a coconut creme brulee filled with wok sautéed shredded chicken, galangal, Kaffir lime leaves in tom kha and chilly jam dressing . Must say a well prepared dish presented even more better in an interesting way.
Popia Ziu : They are the veg crispy cigar rolls and again one of the must haves which is surely  to please even non vegetarians as well. They are served with the inhouse made smoky sauce.
Gai Satay : A not to be missed at all stuff if you are a non vegetarian.  It is basically grilled chicken which has been marinated overnight in thai herbs and spices so that the chicken absorbs those flavours and are served with peanut sauce.
Khao tang Gai yang : Again a very well executed innovation for the vegetarians delight where the roasted Tofu in nutmeg and curry paste having coriander are served on rice crackers.
Yum makuea mauang : It is actually the slow grilled baby eggplants, glazed with tangy red curry glaze and sesame seeds. It was having a bit unusual  flavour which was not going very well with my pallete.
In the mains we tried the following :
Kraprow gae : It is a fabulous thai  preparation of lamb where the lamb is stir fried in red bird eye chilly and crispy basil sauce , quite flavourful and wholesome in itself.
Khao pad kratiem : Burnt garlic fried rice, the best accompaniment for any thai mains gravy.
Phad pak ruam : A vegetarian Thai mains in which the stir fried green vegetables are cooked in soy bean sauce. It can be had with either steamed rice or with burnt  garlic fried rice too. Both will go very well with it.

Desserts :
Bounty chocolate and Coconut Tiramisu both were heavenly in their own way. Trying tiramisu infused with coconut flavour was definitely interesting. Both the desserts are worth trying for sure.

Ziu is undoubtedly going to raise the bar of the thai cuisine in Delhi and surely will become a gastronomical destination for all the Thai food lovers. Chef Gurmehar is doing a fantastic job with the cuisine by  infusing his international  experiences in it. The staff and the service is impeccable. Best wishes to the whole team of Ziu.

Recommendation : Laab Gai,  Popia Ziu, Banana blossom salad, Gai Satay.

Address : Ziu, Sangam Courtyard, Major Somnath marg, Sec 9 R.K. Puram, New Delhi.

Meal for 2 – 2500 ++

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