Non-veg Buffet Delhi and Ncr

Non-veg Buffet Delhi

Don’t we just love the idea of sitting at one place, and feeding ourselves up with delicious stuff until completely satisfied? Well, when it comes to good non vegetarian options too, some places just cannot be ignored. Choose from our favorites below and enjoy non-veg buffet Delhi list


1. Barbeque Nation

It just has to start with this. The idea of unlimited kebabs and snacks, and this place is an absolute favorite! When the food starts to come to your table, there is just no end. Remember to strategize and save up for main course though. And well, don’t forget the kulfi counter. Paan kulfi for the win!






2. Ancient Barbeque

Currently having one branch in Noida and the other one in Gurgaon, get your hands on their buffet and you won’t stand disappointed. We’ve heard too much about their Salsa potatoes and mocktails, so you’ve got to give them a shot!  Try for yourself.





3. Pirates of Grill

A good ambiance, reasonable food and an array of delicacies to choose from, this is your place! Not many know that this place has existed for longer than we knew. Having heard good things about their apple jalebi and non vegetarian appetizers, do not give this place a miss. Currently in Rajouri Garden and Gurgaon, find your nearest spot!





4. Indian Grill Room

Gurgaon is the place, and what sets this particular outlet apart from others is its creativity and an elite ambiance. A good terrace view and wonderful options when it comes to the buffet, choose from a lavish spread! Perfectly grilled delicacies and some live stations when it comes to desserts, we would suggest you fast before you visit the place! Thumbs up.





5. The Great Kabab Factory

This place has been around for sometime and has certainly carved a niche for itself when it comes to scrumptious kababs. We would suggest you attack only the kababs since they are the specialty, and then probably move down to the main course. They do good galautis and an unforgettable biryani too. Try try!





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