Top 5 Parsi Cafes in Mumbai

The top 5 parsi cafes in mumbai


Parsi food is predominant in the western region of the country and what better place than Mumbai to try out this cuisine. The Parsi community in Mumbai is proud of their heritage and their food essentially is quite popular. Specific areas of south Mumbai are filled with quite a few options for Parsi food. Parsi cafes in Mumbai are not difficlt

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Parsi food is the use of rice. Most dishes are served with rice and a lot of it is seafood. Some of the popular dishes being: Chicken farcha (a Parsi twist to fried chicken), Patra ni machhi (steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf, now who hasn’t heard of this), Dhansak (lamb, mutton, goat, chicken or vegetables in lentil or toor daal gravy, a very good dish if you’re a vegetarian), Sali murghi (spicy chicken with fine fried matchstick potatoes, if you like some masala), Kolmi no patio (shrimp in spicy tomato curry, they really do justice to seafood) and Khichri (rice with toor daal and/or moong daal, a tastier version of khichdi without losing the essence of the goodness of homemade food. Common desserts include sev (vermicelli) and ravo (semolina)

Most of the Parsi restaurants in Mumbai are quite similar to each other. All of the have pretty much the same interiors, providing a very homely environment and the dishes on the menu at each one of them will give you a variety of some authentic Parsi dishes. The servers will treat you well in all cases provided you don’t take forever to place your order. The portions are usually huge and all dishes can be easily shared by 2 people.

So here’s a list of the places you can try for Parsi food:

1. Britannia & Company Restaurant

Located in the lawyers’ district of Mumbai, this one’s a hot favourite amongst the professionals and also college goers. Try their Dhansak, even the vegetarian one and caramel custard.

Cost for 2: 600





2. Kyani & Co.

This one is more of a bakery than a restaurant so you’ll find great snack items. Do try their Irani tea.

Cost for 2: 300





3. B Merwan

Another heavenly bakery located in Grant Road. You can try their omelettes and teas. Perfect for a breakfast.

Cost for 2: 300





4. Yazdani Bakery & Restaurant

Another bakery and fast food Parsi joint which is a legend in its space. They have amazing cookies and cakes. One of the must try items is the mawa cake.

Cost for 2: 200





5. SodaBottle OpenerWala

After their successful stint in Delhi, they’ve expanded to Mumbai with a lovely place in the posh locality of Bandra Kurla Complex. Try their berry rice and patra ni machhi.

Cost for 2: 1200






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    HI , Two concerns , first Jimmy Boy is missing , sad ;( but sadder :(( that you think sodawater bottle openerwalla is a parsi joint , at best i would call it a new age theme cafe serving watered down versions of some parsi dishis along with many other cusines

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      Rajeev same is what I thought. Any food knowledgeable person would say that. Hmm I feel is only a blog where bunch of restricted bachas are trying to do what we call is biased paid marketing.

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