Navratra Menu at Farzi Cafe

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Navratri Menu at Farzi cafe : From 13 Oct to 21 Oct.

Farzi Cafe has successfully  made its name as a synonym for excellence. Right from the ambience, the food and the service, all of them speaks volume for themselves. They have been constantly trying to endeavour the best to their patrons. So this time they have come up with a special Navratri menu to make the fasting a feast in true way.
In this pious festive season of Navratri Farzi Cafe has introduced a delectable spread of fasting food to treat their guests. The special menu stands out as a perfect ensemble of generic flavours with a twist of modern presentation. All of them are mentioned below :

Arbi ki Galawat, roasted Lotus seed with sabudana crisp.
An extremely well prepared dish where the arbi was used for making those mouth melting galawati kebabs which  were served on buckwheat paranthas  as base and were topped with roasted Lotus seed and tiny fried sabudana crisp. The two chutneys namely green minty one and the other red sonth one were complimenting the dish very well.

Buckwheat Tacos.
They were the second starter which was prepared and presented in the form of tacos where the tacos were made up of buckwheat flour and were stuffed with the pumpkin jam along with water chestnut salsa, potato and topped with both the chutneys along with sabudana crisp and micro greens. A nice balance of the sweetness of pumpkin and rest of the ingredients were the catch of the dish. Do try it for sure.


Sabudana Risotto, water chestnuts crisp.
It was again a fabulous creation with sabudana giving it a risotto preparation, undoubtedly a light and healthy meal. The risotto was topped with micro greens and water chestnuts crisp.

Aloo Tamatar sabzi and kuttu puri.
One of the most traditional Navratri preparation which was kept exactly the way it should be, in its pure generic form only. Kuttu puri were kneaded with fine  potato paste along with desi ghee to provide an ultra soft texture to them and aloo Tamatar sabzi was bang on too having perfect tanginess of tomato and consistency. A not to be missed at all thing.


Makhane ki kheer, Assorted fruits.
An irresistible sweet delight  it was for sure where the makhana was cooked till it got amalgamated with the sweetened  milk giving a thick rich consistency, laid on exotic assorted fruits and was served in a cup having kewra essence coming out in the form of fumigation after getting mixed  with dry ice and water. It imparted an exclusive flavour to the kheer.

Lauki ka Halwa, singhara and dry fruit crumble.
An another excellent preparation of dessert was this Lauki ka Halwa where the mild flavour of lauki cooked in desi ghee making it a rich affair  was going extremely well with the singhara and dry fruit crumble. It was helping in absorbing the ghee of the Halwa and making it as a real treat after getting mixed with the crumble to the taste buds.

To sum it all Chef Gaurav and his team has definitely done a splendid job by creating this awesome Navratri Special Menu. This is highly recommended for sure so don’t make yourself regret over this.

Navratra Menu at Farzi

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