5 Places to have Navratra Thali's

Navratra’s, the nine auspicious days mark the advent of nine no-nonvegetarian days. Even if there is no protein left in your diet apart from the leafy vegetables, one can always go and enjoy a super deluxe Navratra Thali to compensate for the same. The ingredients used are healthy, flavoursome and are greatly enjoyed during these sacred days. Here are the 5 places recommended by me for the Special Navratra Thali.

1. Dana Choga Kitchen
DCK is very well known for their Mughlai food but their Navratra Thali, priced at 250+taxes is an absolute must.
Average Cost: 600 for two



2. Haldiram’s
We have known this place for years now and I personally believe that they serve an amazing and probably the best Thali during Navratra’s at a price, lower than the rest of the places.
Average Cost: 500 for two



3. Kathputli
Comparatively new but follows the concept of serving unlimited Rajasthani Thali in Defence Colony. This place has a nice ambiance too along with some nice food.
Average Cost: 900 for two



4. Sattvik
As the name suggests, the place offers purely vegetarian food. On the special occasion of Navratra’s, they serve delicious Vrat ka Khana. If shopping in SelectCity Walk, this place can be an option for people who are fasting!
Average cost: 1400 for two



5. Evergreen Sweets
They are not only famous for their sweets but have an array of other goodies and food items lined up in their menu. During Navratra’s, they go one step further and cook up a special thali which can be enjoyed at their outlet or can be ordered at home.
Average cost: 700 for two



I don’t fast but I make sure that I gorge on a Navratra Thali atleast once in these nine days of  worship and food extravaganza. Happy Eating!

Places to have Navratra thali

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