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Yeh Dil Maange Momos!

ye dil maange momo

Who doesn’t love momos? Everyone whom I have come across loves them. And for the right reasons too as they are so flavorful and delicious. They come in small proportions too so if you have a big tummy or you’re full after just a couple of spoons, this is the perfect dish you can devour on without the fear of wasting food.

Last week there was history made in Delhi. Okay maybe I am overstating it but the very first Momo’s festival was held in Delhi. It was held in New Moti Bagh Club near South/Central Delhi and boy was there a crowd there.
The whole thing was organized in just 10 days and it was done quite well. There was crowd. Probably crowd is just an understatement. There were people everywhere. The stalls were out of momos even before the half day was over. Nobody expected these many people to come in. The vendors were expecting about 200 plates per hour for the day. And they were out by 3.

Santanu Verma,Yashika Dubey and Hunar Katoch founders of Yeh Dil Mange Momos

This just goes on to show how successful this event was and even with this, how nicely the people at GoBuzzinga (The organizers) managed the event without much visible difficulty (At least for the people eating. I’m sure backstage was hell)

The event was first stemmed from one of their earlier foodwalks which they did in Amar Colony. After seeing a massive response to that, the creative people over at GoBuzzinga thought to organize this. The event consisted of various popular vendors like Dolma Aunty from Lajpat Nagar, Hungry Birds from Amar Colony, Dilli 19 from Kalkaji, Wow! Momo from HauzKhas Village and many more popular vendors from different corners of the city. The Momo’s were accompanied by live music, live performances, live street arts by Delhi street art and Live Momo Cooking session with Cook Gourmet.

There were a variety of new types of Momos to try there. Most of you must have had three by now, the steamed, fried and the tandoori momos. The not so popular ones were Butter Momos, Vodka Momos and Burger Momos.

It was an amazing experience and definitely one I would love to go to again. So many momos at one spot. I hope they organize a bigger/better one soon

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