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Star Anise Mumbai

star anise mumbai

Star Anise Mumbai 

Have you ever wondered why the last course of a meal is always the dessert? That’s because it is that one food whose taste you would want to keep lingering on your palate after you have eaten everything. Mumbai offers loads of places serving some amazing desserts, and every time you think that you have had it all, a new place pops out of nowhere! The bustling food scene of Bandra Linking Road has yet another cramped-up place serving some real good food. The place is located at a blink-and-you-miss-it spot next to Shopper’s Stop, and is very similar to the many French patisseries in the city.




Star Anise Patisserie is the brain child of Chef Anees Khan, specializing in classic French pastries along with contemporary desserts. It also offers specialized French breads, homemade jams and a vast savoury menu. The desserts would surely blow your mind as each and every one of them is a treat to the eyes and your taste buds as well.

For the menu tasting, we went with the crowd favorites and the chef’s choices. Every dessert is a treat to the eyes and makes you feel like not digging into it, because it is so beautifully crafted! Although most of the desserts were mind blowing, some of the savoury dishes, we felt were pretty mundane.

Satin Blanc: Apricot and white chocolate mousse with sultanas, blackcurrant and chocolate chips on an ice cream stick. It is a very well thought out dessert and looks stunning on plate. It is a unique concoction of flavours that your palate might have never tasted, ever.




Intense de passion: White chocolate, spiced pistachio brittle and passion fruit mousse– and voila, this phenomenal dessert is ready. The upper shell gives way to the delectable compote, and the distinct taste of the passion fruit crème goes very well with the white chocolate. As per us, one of Star Anise’s stars.




Sous l’equateur 71: The name of the dessert was the first reason why we chose it, and thank God that we chose it! This sensational dessert is inspired by the 17thcentury(as per the Chef), and maybe that is the reason behind the complex name, which took us 10 minutes to learn how to pronounce. It is made with “single origin” Ecuadorian dark couverture mousse, balsamic strawberries and hot chocolate ganache. Simply put- Dark chocolate shell with a balsamic strawberry mixture. The dessert looks amazing and tastes heavenly.




Aimee: Called as the showstopper at Star Anise, it is a light dessert crafted with rose, raspberry and lychee with white couverturecremeux. It is very creamy and the raspberry filling blends perfectly with the couverture. The slight hint of lychee adds on to the whole experience and makes the dessert unprecedented. One word – “Spectacular”.

Harissa Chicken Croissant: The croissants were perfectly made- crisp on the outside, and moist from the inside. The distinct layers could be seen when cut and it was quite rich and heavy. Nothing spectacular but nonetheless, a good product.

Other must haves at Star Anise: Le Petit St. Antoine, their macaroons, Chicken Pesto Calzone, Chicken and Veg. Pots

Other than these, Star Anise also offers 6 homemade jams made organically from fresh fruits and vegetables. The Spiced Mango and Kaffir Lime jam stands outs amongst the six, and takes your taste buds to a completely new level.





Star Anise may look pretty small and quaint, but this place is like a goldmine on the inside. This newly opened place is surely going to give the other dessert outlets of the city some serious competition in the near future. Kudos to Chef Anees and his team for the brilliant array of dishes and the whole experience! If you are anywhere near Bandra, Star Anise should be on your “to-go” list for sure.

Life is too short. So, have dessert first.

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