Top 5 places serving Butter Chicken in Delhi

If you happen to quiz a Delhite regarding their favorite dish, 90% of the population would end up mentioning Butter Chicken in their list. Today, almost every shop in the locality sells this famous dish but do they actually serve Butter-Chicken?

The most important ingredient of the dish is undoubtedly the chicken. Nicely cut pieces of chicken which are mildly marinated and char-grilled works best with the gravy. The chicken is supposed to be cooked for a long time so that it remains moist,juicy and retains its flavors. As far as the gravy is concerned, thick and creamy, a little tangy is what is generally expected from a good dish. Not only butter goes in the gravy but loads of cream constitutes the gravy and gives an orange colour to the tomato-based gravy. To top it all, a dash of sugar concludes the dish.

Here are our top 5 recommendations in Delhi where you can get the awesomest Butter Chicken along with some Butter Naan’s.

1. Gulati’s
This place has to be there in our list. Gulati is not just known for their Lunch Buffets but are majorly known for their amazing Butter Chicken. In case you have missed out on this one, do give it a try. And yes, they have made it to Zomato’s users choice award for the Best Butter Chicken in town.



2. Havemore
Another one from the same locality.
Chicken pieces-the bigger the better. This place can be considered over any other place serving Butter Chicken. The quantity and quality both deserve a thumbs up from us.



3. Moti Mahal Deluxe, Rajinder Nagar
There are a lot of Moti Mahal’s in the capital. But this one particularly has become famous because of the right proportion of spices they use. The gravy is neither hot nor that sweet and tastes absolutely perfect and makes it an ideal dish because of the succulent chicken pieces.



4. Invitation
The Model Town market does not offer many options for fine dining/family restaurant. Invitation is the only option here and it serves some jaw-droppingly beautiful Butter Chicken. What more do you want?




5. Kay’s
You were expecting this one, weren’t you? They don’t serve Butter+Chicken but serve Chicken in Butter. You might have to diet a bit after a heavy lunch or dinner from this place.



Have me missed out on a place? Do leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to visit the place with you.

Happy Eating!

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