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38 Bangkok Street

Tuck into Veg Asian Fare at 38 Bangkok Street!

38 Bangkok Street is a project by G .G Cuisine Pvt Ltd., a delectably fresh & healthy veggie food creation is the brain child of Mr. Gaurav Barai who believes in building restaurant brands with the special combination of creativity, hard work, warmth and innovation. He says, “Being a vegetarian I promote Vegetarianism, I feel, if I can’t taste, I can’t serve.”

38 Bangkok Street specializes in the goodness of all things that Pan Asian Cuisine holds meant for the discerning Vegetarians and the Vegans relish; salads, curries, woks, noodles and the likes inspired from the streets of Asia – Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam to name a few.



It is located in the narrow by-lanes of Fort, with a very cozy and peaceful family dining experience. Furnished with dim lighting and beige sofas, and an open kitchen so that you know what’s happening behind the scenes.


Coming to the food and drinks, although this place does not have a bar, there’s a whole array of delicious Mocktails to splurge on! The Mango Lychee Smoothie, a blend of Mango Juice with Lychee Puree and Coconut Cream or Miyagi Mojito, a blend of Passion fruit, Lime juice, Mint and Soda. And to end the meal, the dessert trail begins with Sangakaya (Thai coconut pumpkin cake) and crispy banana fritters with honey to fulfill this sweet culinary escapade!



The wide variety of starters will leave you spell-bounded. Savor some of the best veg Asian delights such as the steamed chives or dark soy dimsums and the button mushroom momo to really get the palate churning. Pick from their unique Asian starters like the Crunchy Java Lotus Stem tossed with ginger garlic, Tuck into mouth-watering signature dishes like Mock Duck Chilli Garlic, the Cottage Cheese Sambai Bajak tossed  with  bell peppers and homemade Malaysian style fresh red chilli sauce to name a few.

The Burmese classic, Khowsuey soup, noodles and creamy coconut soup served with a variety of contrasting accompaniments is an unaffordable miss. Treat your taste-buds to the archetypal mass favourite, Thai red and green curries complemented with a bowl of rice. Indulge in the finest Asian wok meal, Buddha’s delight or a bowl of Korean Ramen to fill your tummy to the brim!


In summary, this place will give you a bistro-like homely environment with food from all of Asia, and it’s specifically designed for the Indian palate with top notch hospitality.

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