Rajouri Garden, Main Market-Foodie's Paradise

Rajouri Garden, Main Market-Foodie’s Paradise

I can vouch for the fact that every Punjabi family staying in West Delhi, ‘hang out’ at Rajouri Garden, Main Market once in every ten days. He number of trips to this super happening market can vary as per the unnecessary requirements. Because, this place is and will be the spot for hot-shot fashion accessories and clothes, the foodie in us will raise his/her head every now and then. So, here is a list of 5 places in Rajouri’s Main Market which should always be given an upper edge.

1. Atul Chaat Corner
Wasn’t this obvious? Lip-smacking street food, all under one roof. But their hot-selling items are Pav Bhaji and Kulfi-Faluda. Next time you go on a shopping spree, make it a point to pay a small yet chatpati trip here.

 2. Soni Bakers
Not only do they serve amazing pastries, grilled sandwiches and other bakery goods but they also have stalls outside the bakery which serve chaat.

3. Gayway Bakers
Best known for their Chocolate Truffle Cake, they also have a small kiosk outside selling piping hot Vegetarian and Chicken momo’s. Neatly packed in an aluminium box, they are nicely cooked and served with the regular Chilly-Garlic sauce.

4. Param Di Hatti
Situated at the entrance of the market, near Grover Sweets, they have been reigning on the Chhole Bhature market in this area for quite some time now. If hunger pangs trouble you more while shopping, you can surely have some of these amazing Chhole Bhature from here.

5. Corner Juice Shop
I have never cared to find out the name of the shop. As for the location, walk straight towards the end of the lane from Atul Chaat Corner, the corner most juice shop is the one I am talking about. To quench your thirst, order a glass of fresh juice/nimbu lemon/shake. They even have some of the imported packaged juices incase you are worried about the hygiene.

Happy Shopping and well, Happy Eating too!!

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