Desee Dakshin Coastal Cafe

Delhi doesn’t have many good options in coastal cuisine. My hunt for the same got me here today. The cuisine running through the coast line of the peninsula, has a lot of varied cooking style and flavors. I have nearly tasted all but most of the times, my craving for coastal food is left unsatisfied due to lack of options.
I heard a lot about Desee Dakshin in social media, somehow I was convinced to visit this restaurant.

We were welcomed by a couple of birds at the entrance. They also have a big aquarium inside the restaurant. I was surprised to see that there was only one couple seated. This made me loose my confidence a bit. Anyways we sat right next to the aquarium. We got three menus, Indian, Chinese and South indian. This was another surprise. We opted for South indian one of course.

For starters we ordered for Mutton pepper Fry and Southern chicken Fry. The starters were served in approximately 20 minutes, something that they need to work on. First to come was Southern Chicken Fry. The marination of Southern Chicken fry was both tangy and little spicy. Chicken was also perfectly fried and didn’t have any extra traces of oil, the best part. This truly was a flavoursome dish and is recommended. The next to come was mutton pepper fry. The mutton was perfectly cooked and was stirfried with a masala of typical coastal  flavours.
For the mains we ordered for Prawn Curry, Mutton Sukha, neer dosa(special recommendation by the owner),appam and Malabari parantha. I wish they would also have had a South Indian biryani in the menu. The food again was bang on in flavours. Prawn curry was divine. It had six pieces of prawns. A decent portion. But i have generally had small prawns in South Indian currys(Mahesh lunch home, mumbai and pune). By having small prawns the price of the dish will also reduce and people will order it more frequently and relish it more. The Desee Dakshin team can look into this. Just a suggestion. Mutton sukkha was also very good and its combo with neer dosa and appam was just marvelous.

We were so full from the starters and mains that we didn’t have enough space for the desserts.

To sum it all, we had a great time. I am coming back for the Mangalorian Chicken with Malabari parantha. PLEASE ADD A SOUTH INDIAN BIRYANI.

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