Scooter on the Wall

With a lot of budding entrepreneurs immigrating into the culinary world, we have numerous options to choose from while dining out. The fairly new concept of Budget-Cafe is gaining momentum and popularity amongst the student population. Since, the warfare between the North & South Campus is on, here we are reviewing another small cafe from South Campus, called ‘Scooter on the Wall’.

Diagonally-Opposite to Venky, a half metallic scooter body is strategically placed on the wall to grab a little attention here and there. Unlike, other places in the same lane, the seating area covers only 12-15 people but the conceptualization is unique. There are just 4-5 tables, two of them with swinging chairs, one with floor cushions and the other two with high-rise chairs/stools. One of the wall is half-built (only cemented), visitors can write on it woth colored chalks. Coldplay, playing in the background added a point to their quirky ambiance.

After having a thorough look at the menu, I ordered a Princess Shake for myself because of the red-velvet cake crumbles mentioned in the menu. The shakes are served in a huge colored jar with fluffy whipped cream, cake sprinklers and little hearts.


Princess Shake

The shakes are filling and super creamy. Million Dollar Shake was way too sweet for me.


Million Dollar Shake

Mushroom Helmets are stuffed mushrooms, held together with a tooth pick. The stuffing compromises of exotic veges and cheese, topped with some mayonnaise.


Mushroom Helmets

Next I ordered the Burn Rate. Crushed Nachos with Chicken chunks and a special sauce, It is served on a hot tin plate, like a sizzler. The best part about their nachos, they are flavorsome and not just topped with Cheese.


Burn Rate

Pepper Glaze Steak- Everybody who goes to Scooter on the Wall, orders this dish. For 279+taxes, this dish topped the charts. Nicely cooked Chicken Steak glazed with a thick sauce (more sauce was provided in a small bowl), seasoned rice, grilled vegetables and some mashed potatoes. A thumbs-up for the presentation and the portion size is huge!


Pepper Glaze Steak

Three of us were absolutely full after the meal.The owner himself came to our table asking for feedbacks. Paid only 1140 bucks for all of this and came back happy and satiated. They are opening up another outlet in the same market and this time, a bigger place. Watch out for this place foodies. They are here to stay!

Happy Eating!!

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