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Cooking with Bal – A Glimpse

Cooking with Bal


Food, for a lot of people, is an experience in itself. However, when it comes to the very idea of cooking your favorite meal, we all expect a gourmet experience without having to work too hard! The idea of Inner Chef is just that. High quality ingredients done just right, personalized in a box for you to just cook out and feel like the perfect chef.

Celebrity chef and NDTV Goodtimes food show host Chef Aditya Bal along with Mr. Bal DiGhent, co -founder of InnerChef, captivated their audience and showcased some of InnerChef’s signature preparations to customers. Team HMM was glad to be part of an event which involved personal interaction and well, our favorite food! The idea was to put together some delicious pastas and salads, and how to make these particular dishes stand out. It definitely deepened our understanding on the pivotal role that high quality ingredients and technique play in the preparation and serving of delicacies. The special highlights of this interactive session and our personal favorites were as follows :


Kri Kri D’amour : A beautiful combination of farm fresh rucola leaves, pomegranate and orange segments, totally a match made in heaven. Topped with goat’s cheese and paired with a perfect home made agrodolce dressing which is fresh, delicious and wholesome, this salad has a great bite to it.Mule Jenny : Absolute justice to all that there is to a good, juicy chicken salad! A delicious combination of grilled chicken, olives, cherry tomatoes and lettuce, these are ingredients you just cannot go wrong with. Added to that is the classic lemon vinaigrette that takes this salad to a different dimension altogether.Gerard De Duivelsteen Veg : A very basic recipe of beautifully cooked pasta with white sauce and fresh pesto, a generous sprinkle of parmesan took this dish to great heights. Lip smacking!Lakenhalle chicken : Grilled chicken, olives and basil being the highlight, you can never really go wrong when you stick to the basics. The home made tomato sauce was an absolute delight.



We’re definitely impressed with the concept of what InnerChef is all about, and give a thumbs up to the idea of recreating gourmet food in your own kitchen. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the amazing interaction and even better food. Bon appétit!

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