Ice-Creams You Must Try This Summer!

Delhi has witnessed a lot of new entries in the Ice-Cream sector in the last two years. Needless to say, we all have a personal favourite. It might be an Ice-candy from the nearby vendor or a scoop of exotic fruit Ice-cream from some renowned parlour.Here is a list of five Ice-Creams you need to try out this summer in Delhi.

Manhattan Mania @ Nirulas


Nirula’s still top the charts when it comes to smooth and luscious Ice-Creams.  Manhattan Mania is the combination of classic Vanila Ice-Cream with loads of dried fruits.

Sharifa/Custard Apple @ Naturals


There are many flavours at Naturals which are very popular amongst the masses.Custard Apple is the most delicious yet a very tough fruit because of the amount of seeds present in the fruit. It is indeed a task to extract the pulp in such large amounts but Naturals has done it really well.



It’s hard to imagine that the demand has risen up so much that the Ice-Cream is always out of stock when reached out to the street vendors. The thick crust of the pure Belgium Chocolate with smooth Ice-Cream in between makes it a treat for the palette.

SachMuch Aam @ Cream Bell


If you ever read the calorie content on the pack, such low amount of calories would leave you surprised. The powerful punch of Mango, though not at all natural is a must have.

Coconut Ice-Cream @ Mamagoto


I diged into their lemon pound cake with coconut Ice-Cream at Mamagoto and was transferred to a different place altogether. The texture and loud flavours of coconutes will surely leave you spellbounded. For me, this is a must-must have!

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