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Turquoise Cottage Gurgaon

Mexican Bulldog

Turquoise Cottage Gurgoan


Turquoise Cottage-TC Original 1997, was first started in 1997 and now has total three outlets in operation at Saket, Kamla Nagar and Gurgaon. The one in Gurgaon is located at MG Road which is a fabulous destination for the foodies who love eating, drinking and partying because it has an amazing nightlife. A perfect ensemble of everything including good food, refreshing mocktails and cocktails, live music and above all, the warm hospitality brings them to another level.

The place is beautifully decorated and the interior and decor justifies the cafe and sports bar look. TC is known for serving multiple cuisines like Continental, American, Italian and includes finger food as well. They perfectly complement with the drinks. There is also a live sports screening to make their guests interest intact with the place.

Coming to the food, few of their must try dishes from their menu are:

●General Tso’s Dumpling. Although named a bit strangely but very nice in taste. It is steamed chicken dimsums which is served with a thick hot and sour broth. The combination of soft and tender dimsums along with tangy broth gives ultimate satisfaction to the tastebuds

●Veg Mezze Platter, is definitely a delight to have, absolutely perfectly prepared. It includes fresh in house made pita bread, nice and crispy falafels, having perfect taste and texture of hummus which is quite a rarity these days. It also had Baba Ghanoush, Cacik, Fatayer, Sabanik, Cheese Sambosik (a perfect inclusion of all the goodness of Lebanese flavours in the veg section ).
●Albondigas, a meaty preparation where the lamb mince meat balls are served in sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. The meat balls were cooked to perfection and properly infused with the flavour of the  sauce.
●Grilled Prawns with garlic bread. If you are a prawn lover then this is a hard to resist dish. Truly flavoursome having fresh grilled Prawns and sharp note of garlic as well. The grilled prawns were half dipped in the garlic and butter sauce served along with fried onion rings and toasted garlic bread.
●Thai Chicken Pizza, another delight from the menu . It has the perfect thin and crispy crust along with fresh and well  marinated toppings which included pieces of chicken breast marinated in a spicy thai herb and sesame sauce, mozzarella Cheese, green onions, bean sprouts,carrot julienne, coriander and roasted peanuts.
●Spinach and Brie cheese risotto,  is definitely a must try for the risotto lovers, has the luscious texture and amalgated flavour of the arborio rice and cow milk cheese ie. Brie cheese.
●Lamb rendang, a fabulous Indonesian preparation which is a spicy red curry having boneless mutton pieces cooked in spiced dry curry blended with dessicated coconut.

●Burmese Chicken Curry, a contrast preparation of the previous curry mentioned above.  It is a yellow colour chicken curry having thick texture where the chicken is cooked tenderly in aromatic chilly , tomatoes and onion sauce.  It is milder in taste yet full of flavours.


● Honey chilly margarita, a tequila based cocktail having the blend of Tequila with honey,chilli sweet flavour with a hint of lime.
● Melon moody, a nice refreshing mocktail packed with the fresh melon flavour in combination with other citrusy blends as well.
●Mexican bulldog, an upside down combo of Mixico’s favourite beer and cocktail.
●Very Berry smoothie, as the name itself suggests it is a smoothie having a blend of light rum,melon and strawberry.


● Chocolate Brownie with vanilla ice cream, a perfect gooey chocolaty textured brownie probably among  one of the best brownies is served with a scoop  of vanilla ice cream served on the top of brownie which is done a bit warm.
●Date roll with vanilla ice cream, indeed a very delectable dessert where the ice cream was served in a cup along with the dates filled sticks in it.
They were really the best ending for an awesome meal. Must try both of them.

Apart from the fabulous food, their  service and staff was also very efficient and courteous. For the overall experience I would say that this is surely a value for money place where one can enjoy good food, nice ambience and can have a wonderful experience without hitting their pockets.

They do the Sunday Brunches as well at  a very minimal rate of Rs. 399++ for the people who love to celebrate the lazy sunday’s, having happy hours through out the brunch as well. Otherwise their meal for two costs Rs. 1600 with alcohol which is indeed a good pricing again for sure.

Turquoise Cottage Gurgaon is launching its ‘Terrace’ on 12th September, 2015 with a theme based event called ‘Flower Power.’ It’s a plush and beautiful terrace with a wonderful view of the Gurgaon skyline.

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