best hookah lounge Delhi – A list of best hookah places in Delhi

Shisha at Grub house

Hookah lounge Delhi

Best Shisha in Delhi


Before we go ahead with best  hookah lounge Delhi – list let me tell you that lighting a hookah is not a cakewalk.
The process requires a lot of techniques and experience to make any hookaha session last longer. The quality of the smoke has to be denser without using much of your lung power. To start with the jar has to be filled with the right amount of water. The question which generally makes us ponder is that what is the right amount of water and what is the science or logic behind the quantity.
The smoke inhaled is the replaced smoke which is taken in and should be cooled right before we exhale. Water acts as a filter in this process.

The water level should be 2 to 3 inches above the stem so that there is enough space for the smoke to be stored in the pot and to filter the smoke making the experience more enjoyable.

Coming to the flavours available now-a-days. There are few products in the market using chemicals and preservatives to enhance the flavourings rather than natural or organic ingredients.The flavours have to be broken down with hand into tiny particles so that the air can easily pass though them.The foil used has small holes and gaps to facilitate the shisha experience. Remember, the flavours are not burnt in this process, unlike cigarette smoking.

Coal- Using natural coal is the best way as it manages to give out an all together different smoke even though setting them on fire is a tough task.
Using rapidly heated coal or the Magic coal can be considered as an option. Never place the coal in the center, it will immediately consume all the flavor. Start from one corner and when you are done with all these 4 corners take the coal to the center. After about 10-15 long smoke, your shisha will be all set!

Here are our recommendations for the places which serve amazing Hookha’s in town. ( Best Shisha in Delhi )
1-Warehouse cafe, Connaught Place
2-Ambrosia Bliss, Connaught Place
3-Masabaa, Punjabi Bagh
4-The Flying Saucer, Nehru Place
5-Sultanat, Karkardooma
6-Grub House, Rajouri Garden
7-AMPM Cafe & Bar, Rajouri Garden
8-Kinbuck2, Connaught Place
9-Striker by Adda, Sector 29, Gurgoan
10-Zerzura, South Delhi

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