Dvar Radisson Blu, Dwarka

In the magnificent Radisson Blu Hotel, Dwarka, lies this gem of a restaurant “DVAR”, an Indian speciality restaurant which is truly a ‘Gateway to India’. Right from the very entrance to the decor and the food, in fact the whole aura of the ambience is enriched with the Indian essence. The famous Celebrity Chef Rakesh Sethi is the curator of this beautiful restaurant which serves amazing and delectable North Indian and Mughlai  food.


Chef Rakesh Sethi with Priyanka Singh

I was there for dinner where I got the chance of meeting Chef Rakesh Sethi in person and have a few words with him too. While talking to him, he shared a lot of things about himself and his experiences too. He explained to us the main mantra behind his long culinary journey which is “STICK TO BASICS“. He says that if you are correct with the basics of cooking then half the battle is won already.
Later, we got to know about the “From Kabul to Punjab” theme food festival showcasing different flavors of India and celebrating the feast under one roof by picking one region every month. These include Kabul, Peshawar and Punjab which surely promise an awesome experience.
When it comes to the ambiance, the place is pretty well, showcasing Indian spices at the middle of the set up, live kitchen on one side and to add an extra feel to the whole thing they do have live Ghazal as well which is sure to give a mesmerizing effect.

Coming to the food we decided to go with the chef’s recommendations only, so we first started with amouse bouche, Molecular Papdi Chaat which was an absolute treat for a good start. Full of flavors like the usual papdi chaat treated with the molecular gastronomy. Then came the Samosa Dal Shorba, which was a dish in disguise. Looked very plain but was an explosion of flavors when gulped in. A light soup with a blend of yellow lentils and aromatic Indian spices served with a miniature samosa.  Starters started rolling in, first of which was Hariyali kebab. It was made up of spinach and had aromatic spices. Nimbu Machli tikka, a nice tangy fish preparation which went very well with the Blue Topaz mocktail, a signature mocktail of the Radisson Group. Dahi ke Kebab were really nice, which just melted in the mouth. Achari Paneer Tikka, was indeed a delight to savor which had cottage cheese pieces marinated in pickled spices, hung curd and layered with two types of chutneys and then cooked in a tandoor. Makhmali Pindaliya, again was a delectable creation of the chef where the chicken was first stuffed with keema (meat mince) and then roasted. It was served with four different types of chutneys.


Nalli Shehnai Gosht, a very fine and nice Mughlai preparation which is bound to please everyone’s heart for sure. The meat used was nice and succulent, perfect in texture. A full length baby lamb shank braised in home ground spices and onion, tomato gravy. Cooker ka Kukkad, was the next mind blowing dish on our table and is a ‘not to be missed’ item of the menu. Baby chicken legs cooked with chef’s special spice mix in minced chicken gravy, which provides an extra edge to the whole flavor and as the name says is served in small pressure cooker only. Stuffed egg curry, is another example of fabulous creation where the regular egg curry is recreated by giving a twist to it. It is first stuffed with the mix of onion, tomato and boiled egg yolk then cooked in the gravy. Lehsuni Palak Saag, a marvellous dish made up of green leafy spinach cooked to perfection along with garlic, keeping intact its goodness and then garnished with chopped ginger, coriander and green chillies. I loved it to the core. Veg Biryani and Assorted breads were the accompaniments for the above mentioned dishes.


After having such an awesome meal it was important to end it in the same way so that the taste of the last bit could also travel with us. So we bid adieu to the evening with their most demanded desserts, Sulagta Himalaya and Angaar ke Jamun. Trust me both of them were just outstanding in each and every aspect.
“Sulagta Himalaya” is basically an Indian Ice Cream or flavored kulfi we can say (Pista & Kesar flavour). It was topped with meringue and set ablaze with flaming amaretto. “Angaar ke jamun”, were the chocolate filled jamun which was set ablaze with flaming rum. Both the desserts were just so wonderful that nothing else could have given such a nice ending to our food journey than them. After that we also got to try their pan platter which was an exact royal ending.

The place has an outstanding level of hospitality. The service is impeccable, a well groomed staff who are very well versed with what they are serving, which is quite impressive. Pricing for this fantastic meal has been kept very aptly so that it won’t burn a hole in your pocket, in short a full value for money place. So all in all a must try place for a soulful experience.

Location : Radisson Blu, Sector 13,Dwarka

Meal for two : 2000 Rs.

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