50 years celebration of Pizza Express



We definitely agree with the fact that PizzaExpress is one of the world’s leading casual dining and consumer brands. The second restaurant in Gurgaon, which is a lovely outlet, hosted a beautiful evening for all foodies, and HMM was glad to be a part of it!


Freshly procured ingredients and a signature Pasta sauce that travels to India all the way from Italy, we absolutely love the fact that all pizzas are made fresh, right in front of your eyes. What is impressive is that each customer is thoroughly engaged in the making of what they feel the ideal pizza is all about. Also, this particular outlet was influenced by a design scheme that revolves around Gurgaon’s Industrial Revolution, with influences of London’s industrial historical elements brought within the store. The idea of the Pizzaiolo kitchen is innovative, and the raised floor allows customers to see in action, the tossing of the fresh dough.




We were told that the Pizzaiolos (Pizza chefs) undergo an intensive 12 week training program at the end of which they become experts in dough making and tossing. Also, in order to maintain the consistency, the team members from UK worked closely with the team in India in order to establish all processes. The service was commendable, and the staff was friendly and well versed with all dishes and new additions to the menu. Also, the fact that the outlet is Kids friendly is quite a plus, and kids can create their own pizzas and engage with pizzaiolos.




The 50 years celebrations were marked by fresh additions to the menu which were totally spot on, but listing out our favorites, we would definitely recommend these :

GINGER FRESCA : An impressive combination of Ginger ale and green lime, with just the right kick of fresh ginger, this drink is exactly what you need for that refreshing boost. Not too strong with just the right fizz, the answer to your summer blues is this!

TROPICAL MOCKTAIL : If you love watermelons, do not think twice before you try this particular drink! With that tinge of mint and a generous squeeze of lemon, this drink was a treat to the senses. Try for yourself!

ANTIPOSTO POLLO E GAMBERO : A filling non veg platter that is a new addition to the menu, we really liked the impressive variety in there. Be it the pesto marinated chicken, roasted tomatoes which were oh so flavourful, or the prawns on skewers, the platter was beautiful to look at with the variations in colors. The buffalo mozzarella melted in our mouths completely, and the dough sticks were the ideal accompaniment.

PENNE CON PEPPADEW : All those white sauce lovers out there, we surely recommend this creation. Penne pasta cooked in a creamy white sauce with tangy peppadew and chargrilled vegetables, we loved the little twists to this dish. Little bits of onion, garlic, and a generous seasoning of parsley, chilli flakes and emilgrana made for an ideal pasta.

IL PADRINO 65 : Impressing customers with the signature Romana base, this particular pizza had perfectly grilled chicken, mozzarella, basil pesto and roasted tomatoes. The crust was perfectly cooked and very crispy and left us asking for more!

CHEESECAKE : The best ever, hands down! With a perfectly sheen crust and a lovely taste, you’ve got flavors bursting out when it comes to this dessert. Highly recommended, try this beauty with gelato, cream or mascarpone. Mouthwatering.


With an array of new dishes and drinks and in celebration of 50 years, we couldn’t have asked for a better evening. From dough tossing to making our own pizzas, it was great fun engaging with all the staff and pizzaiolos. And yes, we’re coming back. Way to go!

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