White Burger at Barcelos

White burger

What’s the hype behind Red, Black and White Burger ?

Becoming the talk of the town are the gorgeous Red, Black and White burgers! Available at Barcelos, Khan Market, the recipes have been derived from the generation old secret recipes mastered by the Portuguese. While the first outlet was opened in Pretoria, South Africa in 1993, the yummylicious recipes found their way in India lately and are taking the food industry by storm.

Well, that being said, we all would agree how tempting those big, dripping, soft and juicy burgers are, but the question arises – Are they really that extraordinary? Read on!

We placed our order after brainstorming the huge variety of sangrias, burgers and more and settled on rose sangria, 5 ingredient tropical sangria and the white burger. A well-dressed and courteous staff member approached us with the food and drinks within 20 minutes of placing the order.

The White Burger is fabulous – soft, flavorful and served along a delicious dip and fries. The patty was soft and thick, unlike most regular burger places. It was a relief to realize that their patties aren’t fried. Now, my expectations really pumped up and that’s where I went wrong! We ordered a vegetarian platter which was too monotonous for my liking. Mushrooms, cottage cheese, potatoes and grilled vegetables – all prepared in a similar sauce. The kebabs were too dry. Withdrawing our attention from the eatables, we tried our luck on molecular drinks and O boy! The Kiwi Kooler and Berry Cucumber are awesome. On the server’s recommendation, we tried the sizzler and the espetada, which were decent.

Though we were getting late, we couldn’t afford to miss the red and black burgers. When our request to get them packed was politely denied, we had no other option but to stay and give it a try. Well off course, this was pretty much our motive for the visit in the first place.

At last, the burgers came. The brightly colored buns were oozing freshness and looked really tempting. On my attempt to pick up the big red burger, the dripping patty and salad choked and made it nearly impossible to be eaten the regular way. The black burger on the other hand was a pure delight. But that being said, you cannot forget the show-stealer – The White Burger. An absolute bliss! Dig in with the fork and knife or get your hands messy, the burgers are definitely worth a visit, or a revisit – maybe.

Final Verdict: Visit Barcelos if you are a zealous burger fan and yearn for new and exciting flavors. The red bun is made of tomato powder and beetroot extract, the white bun is made of milk powder and coconut, and the black bun is made of roasted wheat, cocoa powder and spinach. The burgers and sangria are pretty much the attraction of the place. Though everything from the menu isn’t close to perfection, the lively ambiance and the happy-to-serve staff makes up for it. Try some molecular drinks for a great experience. Given the posh locality and the picturesque ambiance, the food has been decently priced and will not pinch your pockets.


Sonal Mahindru

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