All you North folks out there, did you hear about the new kid on the block? Hudson Lane is synonymous with student friendly cafes and restaurants, but what is essential to look out for, is a fresh and varied menu. Something that won’t be too heavy on your pocket, but still turn out to be a meal to remember! And yes, we mean every penny of your pocket money. Hudson Café definitely tries to make up with a good twist to their food and amazing hospitality. Let us give you a glimpse of what is in store for you, when you visit this colorful beauty.



Mezze Platter : If you want to start your meal here on just the right note, we suggest you do not skip this particular starter. Fresh and flavorful hummus with pita bread pretty much worked for us, all seasonings intact. We liked how the falafel was grainy in texture and had just the right bite. The sour cream was then, well, totally the ideal accompaniment!

Drums of Heaven : Though a little skeptical about the choice, we happened to order this very basic Chinese starter which surely did not let us down. The chicken was well coated with a sauce that was perfectly balanced, the kind that you would definitely find in a good Chinese restaurant. Try try.


Watermelon Mojito : If what you’re looking for is a drink that will lift you up in terms of flavor and be a boon in the heat, this is the most refreshing on the menu. Fresh chunks of watermelon and a well made mojito, we suggest you order their pitcher when on a lunching spree with friends.

Malted Chocolate Shake : A well blended shake with ultimate chocolate decadence, go in for this if you do not wish to stick to the usual mocktails! Chocolate lovers will love how every sip is as chocolaty as they like it. Impressive for the price.


Chicken Shawarma Platter : Yet another competitor in line for a good shawarma platter, what stood out for us was the distinct presentation. Though the flavors can still be worked out a little more, the chicken was well cooked and subtly balanced.

THC Pao Bhaji : A bhaji infused with lemongrass and other thai flavors, served with maska buns, now that’s interesting. We like how there’s been a little experimenting here, a little variation from what is usually served in Hudson Lane.

Peri peri chicken pizza : One of the very few places in this area that does a good authentic wood fired pizza, the chicken was perfectly flavored with a crust that was cooked just right.

Hudson Medley : Talking about experimenting, the café has tried to incorporate a whole meal in a plate, with buttered rice and a creamy tomato sauce with lots of vegetables. Very basic and flavorful, this should be your pick from the menu if you really wish to fill yourself up!


Red velvet cake : They whip out a really rich and creamy red velvet with just the right amount of sweet. Surely coming back for this.We would definitely recommend this particular dessert if you’ve got to choose one from the menu!

Mud cake : Good layering and well balanced flavors, we would have loved it even more, had it been just a bit more moist! But all in all, a pretty delicious treat.


Every now and then, we’ve got cafes springing up in North Campus which are definitely fierce competitors. What really makes each one stand out is the quality and price of the food. Hudson Café, we would say, is doing a decent job when it comes to their quirky interiors and good hospitality too. Way to go!


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